Wednesday, April 02, 2008


It has been a week since reading the article on the unfortunate horrific crash that has left a 3 month old suddenly alone in this world. With the care and concern of the paternal and maternal families, I hope she will grow up in a loving and caring enviroment. With 3 children of my own, the innocent eldest 18, playful son 16 and naive youngest 11-there are still so much more I want to tell them. Children these days are just too busy. Busy with acquiring knowledge,on just about everything except on the basic survival, pursuing their passion and bonding with their friends, it's hard to find a quiet time. Many a times knowledge is acquired through observation. Spending quiet time at home and helping out in daily chores. These are the expriences that makes each, unique. Only youngest, follows me on supermarket trips. She knows which are the brand of items we normally buy, how to choose a fish or dad's favourite snack. When son is asked to buy a loaf of bread, I have to give him the bread wrapper as sample!! My eldest, only last night she learnt how to cut a starfruit!! Surprised when MDH commented that the pips have to be removed. "How??" she asked.


doc said...

chalk & cheese.

my younger boy helps to wash the car, bake cookies, run errands & yes, at the supermart he knows how to tell the wife what snacks i'll like to have.

the elder girl? like i said, chalk & cheese.

seefei said...

shrewd observation! if only we allow our kids to experience simple things in life like buying a loaf of bread.

maybe we overlook the meaning of experience. we confuse it with chore and work...

stay-at-home mum said...

Yes, when we were young we had to do things for our parents, like go to the shops to buy char kway teow for supper. And we would know exactly what to tell the man - lots of chilli, no cockles, etc. Now how come I am still doing it? My kids dont know how to do it!! If only, we can let go abit and let them experience doing all these things themselves. Like your son, they dont even know what brand of milk we drink!!

Iml said...

In time to come, he would be your man handy when you are too old to change the bulb :)

However, miniscule the task is, it's a learning journey. Sadly, many do not see it that way.

It's time to get them to help you do the grocery shopping.Downside, you could end up buying alot of their favourite snackies!!

doc said...

i won't be surprised. he enjoys watching Handy Manny now, & it won't be long before he'll want to watch re-runs of Home Improvement.

Las montañas said...

Sometimes, I feel we need to leave children to experience things instead of always behind their necks; breathing on them on what we expect them to do. Maybe we shouldn't impose our standards on them all the time. Just like how our parents tried to do the same; we rebel and think that their ways are too outdated.

Yes, observe them. Only when they come crying to you then should you offer the safety net.