Tuesday, March 31, 2009


March has indeed been one consequential and anxious month. The 1st week saw eldest & family going through an apprehensive waiting game. Waiting for that friday for the release of her much awaited result. Then, for the next 2 weeks, frantically going through the pages, calls and webs checking for information before application begins. Going to the various instituitions to seek and clarify. Just when things seems to be looking up, eldest had to be rushed to A&E for an acute appendictis operation. This week, going to the various drop boxes for application submission. The timely visit from mum brought some relief. Visited the hospital again today. This time, dad's regular check up with the nephrologist.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


A dull stomach pain around 11 am on tues. Eldest thinking it must be her gastric working up, drank a glass of milk. By lunch time she was doubling up but, still swallowed down her lunch. At 2.3opm the GP assured us that eldest was just suffering from a gastroenteritis as she had no other symptoms. No fever. When eldest started doubling up and rolling on the floor in pain, we sought a 2nd opnion. When eldest cried out in pain as Dr Chan gently pressed on the lower right abdomen, he confirmed. Acute appendicitis. Immediately, he wrote a letter and insisted eldest be admitted to the A&E ASAP.
Finally, after waited 2hours for the blood test, a CT scan and 4 hours later, she was finally wheeled into the OT at 5.30 in the morning.
Quite an experience for the family. Eldest, the 1st time being operated on. The excruciating pain left her too weak to protest to all the jabbing needles. Discharged two days later still in pain. Wound pain. Suddently the realisation that even laughing uses the stomach muscles.
What troubled me most was the fact the surgeon took so long to confirm eldest's condition even thought the GP had wrote a letter. At every stage, I had repeated to the Doctors, that she was taking Dhatracin antibiotics. Could that have suppressed the fever?


Writing my thoughts in darkness as youngest insisted that the lights, and lights only be turned off at 8.3o for an hour. Earth Hour So visiting grandpa and grandma too had to sit in darkness watching the telly and eldest holding a torch to keep herself visible to others. To keep all from accidentally touch her airing stitches. She has been having a belly exposed as the stitching tread ends are giving her unnecessary discomfort as it rubs against the clothing.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Never mind the bruised thumb and broken thumb nail. Last week's 4 hour lesson organised by the school really taught youngest a few tips on how to bowl. Spend thursday afternoon at the Bowling alley. A first in a long while. Both of us had a gutter start before hitting any pins. Apprehensive but then realised that no one was interested in our scores. We warmed up. A strike each after two games. Next to us was a young family of 5 and a maid. Took two lanes and when the one year old was sleeping the maid joined in the fun. Mother very heavily pregnant still managed a few strikes. Another avenue of wholesome family fun. Will be there again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


There people who loves sampling food then politely smile compliment and walk away. Then there are people who would sample the food, politely ask a few questions, then leave, armed with a packet or three. I fall into latter. So it's quite impossible to visit the supermarket at the basement of Isetan@ Shaw Centre without walking off with more than intended to purchase. At anytime of the week, it's teeming with some japanese food fair with fresh fruits, savoury seafood, japanese snacks all directly flown from japan. Complete with japanese personnel manning and local sale ladies, encouraging everyone to sample. The seasalt sundried sardines were heavenly and healthy, but at S$19 for a pack of 7? I had to drag youngest away. The very refreshing sweet lemon at S$5.40 for one? I bought the kumquat at S$11.50 for a pack of 12! The lady serving me was just so enthuasiatic even though I had hesitation written all over me. Asking me to try try try the assortment of all the fresh fresh fruits. I just could not walk away without buying after I had eaten slices of lemons, kumquats and pomelos on her encouragement.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Eldest has decided not to attend any of the open houses conducted by the three universities today and tomorrow. From past experience, attending open house of secondary schools and Junior colleges, it's a showcase of all the CCAs and the impressive marketing talks by principals. With such stiff competition, it's a matter of being accepted into a course. Most frustrated was eldest classmate, scoring 7 straight 'A' trying to apply for the A* scholarship. She was told, they are only considering those who have taken all the subjects in H3 level. All she wanted was to be bonded so she could do her research and not have to worry about not being employed. She WANTS to be bonded.

Friday, March 13, 2009


After 9 weeks of enrichment @ the classrooms, it's fun time. At the bowling alley for many who opted in the week long game feista organised by the school. Here across 30 lanes, the instructor patiently guided, the mostly 1st time bowlers the dos & don'ts, the stand & movement of a bowler. Youngest came home with a very very tired left arm and a gleeful gleam in her eye.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Finally at the most crucial stage of the race, the engine choked and so missed the last express ride to continue on the smooth journey. What next? With a huge load of baggages and no contigency plans it's going to be confusion, riding ahead into the tunnel.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


A stalk of australian leek, chilli, carrots, radish and mushrooms, it's stew. Stew Roast Pork. With the Sauteed onions the rest of the colourful greens join in till fragrant. Add the chicken stock and simmer. Just as the leek is really soft in goes the roast pork cut in thick cubes and a piece or three of the bone ham. A dash of sweet wine, pepper and salt. 1o min of simmer. Thicken the gravy sprinkle some coriander and it's ready to serve on steaming hot rice. That's what for dinner last night. Hmm...so RachelRay.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


It's when the head is swirling with so much happening, that nothing comes to mind. The northerners bickering when it should unite in these troubled times. The constant constant reminder of the thousands who are and would be jobless. How travel fairs still draws huge crowds and the poor elderlys are reminded that all is not lost. There are the nursing homes across the causeway. The human aggression surfacing with fierce competition to suceed and survive. Finally when the rain arrived on our shores, the lightning struck Merlion smack right on it's head!