Saturday, March 28, 2009


Writing my thoughts in darkness as youngest insisted that the lights, and lights only be turned off at 8.3o for an hour. Earth Hour So visiting grandpa and grandma too had to sit in darkness watching the telly and eldest holding a torch to keep herself visible to others. To keep all from accidentally touch her airing stitches. She has been having a belly exposed as the stitching tread ends are giving her unnecessary discomfort as it rubs against the clothing.


stay-at-home mum said...

Earth hour - we had our tv off!! No lights too - only candles.

Las montañas said...

its a nice novelty thing. but really, how much "savings" to earth's resources for just 1 hour in a whole year?!!! I would rather that countries, esp the gahmen here, take the lead by not trying not to emulate daylight during the night by its excessive use of street lighting for example.

iml said...

It's a start for the younger generation to realised what happens when the lights go out.

I know. I thought so too but it has to begin somewhere. I agree, I too thought the streets lights, park lights, HDB corridor lights should be shut for that duration too. Then again, if any mishaps were to happen then?

Superman said...

Hope she get well soon. Sometimes the light is important to the elderly. We support the Earth Hour but have to be thoughtful for the elderly as well.

iml said...

ThankQ for dropping by. Yes, they had torchlights with them.