Friday, July 27, 2007

His life (part 2)

The continuation of the story of his early childhood taken from his blog.
"Loved pets kept more than 70 white mice, 5 dogs, 6 turtles, 15 rabbits, 1 snake
(poisonous - but I was ignorant)&
countless fighting fish in little jars
bitten by the snake, monkey, centipede, rat, (not all at the same time of course!)
Saddest Childhood memory

lost all my pets in one day.... :-(
mom gave them all away because I was bitten by the snake

the first time I remember myself crying
I never cried even when being beaten up by mom
Most hilarious memory mom chased me with a slipper in her hand
while I held my left index finger in the air with my the other hand
after it was bitten by the snake
(my finger was turning blue black from the poison, or lack of bloodflow?)
it was a hilarious scene,
everytime I remember this,
I just can't help but to smile - my mom does too"

to be continued.......

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tropical snow

With such unpredictable climatic changes happening due to this global warming, we just might see snow in this tropical country we call Singapore!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Toes wriggles

It helps when the surgeon is from his alma mater . A wriggle of his toes after a 3 hour surgery gave dad the reassurance that all is well. Now he has to rest and recuperate. The nurses and all the supporting staffs at the hospital have been nothing but professional, understanding and most of all patience.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Prickly spine

It started with some back discomfort then back tiredness. Then the walking pace slowed down. Sometimes, it was just sheer frustration why others were walking so fast. Then a fall, the back ached and discomfort became more pronounced. Finally unbearable. A trip to the orthopaedic discovered that spinal stenosis, disc prolapsed and pinch nerves. All these contributed to all the agony and pain. What's worse, this has slowly been going on for the last few decades due to bad posture and the lack of exercise on the back muscles. Due to spinal stenosis, certain function of the toe has been lost.
As such, dad has no choice but to go for a TLIF, laminectomy back surgery and laminaplasty back surgery come monday morning.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mine is different

It's a amazing, how in a sea of children, all in the same school uniform in two pigtails, mothers can still spot their little girl. She just looked different from the rest. I guess, that is how the penguins and the seals identify their youngs. Theirs is just different from the rest.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Innocent vs reckless

No!!!!! I cannot believe the authority is going to chopped down a grand old tree just because of a few irresponsible speedsters might not heed all the signboards. It has been there for the last 2 years. Clear visible signs have been placed way before reaching the fork. Is this the tree's fault? It has stood there soooo....bravely. Tall and majestic praying very hard that nothing will knock it down after being given a 2nd chance in life. And now, the very same people who saved it wants to chopped it down!! I cannot comprehend.


If there is such a word, "grocerholic". I am one. I simply love to visit the supermarket, stroll through the aisle checking for any unusual product on the shelves.
When in Paragon, I would end up at the basement. When at shaw centre, the basement of Isetan, is where you will find me. Going throught all the japanese dry produces, the pickles and the senbeis. In Hawaii, I was dissapointed not to find any nice looking pineapples in the supermarket the fact that Hawaii is famous for their pineapples. While in Alberta, Canada I had a berry time with packets of raspsberries, blueberries and of course strawberries. Not so much of buying but to understand better what actually the local eats.
During my homestay in Japan, I did not missed out visiting the local supermarket in the neighbourhood where my hostess was staying. The amazing varieties local selection that is sometimes not available else where.
Freshly harvested kelp salted in bags going for 200yen. Then there were those mouthwatering huge red umeboshi at 550yen a packet.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

His life(Part 1)

On the 23rd of March 2006 I lost a friend. A friend whom I never took the time to cheerish. It was after knowing his death, I went through his blog for the 1st time. It was then I realised how much he had gone through. A pocket hercules, he had tremendous motivation to make good of himself. He had such huge capabilities. His earlyl childhood might not have given him a headstart but he never once considered that as a disablity. He fought a hard fight.

An excerpt from his blog. An account of his live. He had meant it to be in 4 parts. Sadly he had never did after part 1.

Early Childhood
adopted child of a poor illiterate family
grew up angry and rebellious in tough a neighborhood
daily showtime were gang fights- long-hair youth throwing
chillie sauce, soya sauce and tomato sauce bottles
from sundry shops
daily activity with mom:-
got whacked for fighting with neighborhood kids
(but they started it - I swear!)
went to school in trishaw could not speak English in Primary school
Pronounced baker as 'barker' (whole class ridiculed me for years with barking!)
threw a chair from a classroom at 3rd floor
at 10 years old (got caned by headmaster for that)
learned to gamble very early and played cards daily with neighbors and adults
never done any homework(nobody check anyway!)
hated people who smoke
liked outdoor -
went trapping in the jungle near granny’s during school holidays
learned survival skills
almost drowned in the pond the first time went swimming
(thought the water was shallow because everyone's head was above the water!
So I just jump right in only to find out
that swimming is all about being able to keep your head above water!)
- lesson learned :
"Never assume, even when everyone is smiling
they are not struggling through their lives!"

Seventh July 2007

Will all the resounding cacaphony bring out the urgent loud message to save the earth? I wonder. What happens after this?
As long as, we cannot give up the little luxuries of life. Not willing to be slightly inconvenient. A little poorer. Slightly leaner. A little slower. The earth will continue to melt. But of course, The innocents perish first.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Chung Cheng High School

On the 7th of July 2007, Chung Cheng High School(Main) rejoiced with their 'O' level students of 2006. Achieving the highest bumper crop of 89 students scoring at least 5A1s. MDD was among them. For their hardwork, they were each presented with a cheque of SD100 for scoring 5A1s and SD50 for every subsequent A1. Coupled with the appreciation and encouraging speech by the principal, the students were left with nothing but elation. Elated that they done their best. Elated that they had done the school proud. Elated that the school rejoiced with them.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sharing is caring

Youngest offered 1st born a selection of strawberry, grapes or apple flavoured candy. 1st born picked sour green apple, youngest sheepishly revealed it was her favourite. 1st born picked delicious grapes. Youngest disclosed quietly that too was her all time favourite too. Hmm.... which delicious flavour to pick next?

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Bahasa malaysia, satu satu bahasa yang telah diajar sejak sekolah rendah dulu. Terimbas kembali detik sewaktu bersekolah rendah di Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Methodist, Brickfield. Setiap hari terpaksa menghafalkan puisi and simpulan bahasa. Selain dari buku buku sekolah, dunia saya terkecimpung dalam bahasa inggeris dan berbagai bagai loghat bahasa cina. Dalam sekolah menengah, setiap kali bila ke perpustakaan, bila cuba nak meminjam buku bahasa malaysia, terbinggung saya melihat bertapa banyak buku tetapi tak dapat sekali mencari satu yang dapat memikat hati saya.
Setelah sekian lama, 2o tahun, dalam umur 40an , teringat kembali bahasa yang telah saya bertukus lumus berlajar. Demi mencari pengetahuan sahajakah?
Seminggu dulu, di perpustakaan, terlihat akan buku karya Abdullah Hussain tertajuk INTERLOK. Satu satunya sasterawan Negara. Novel ini memaparkan tema tentang integrasi kaum terbesar iaitu Melayu, Cina and India di Malaysia yang diwakili oleh tiga keluarga yang berusaha menjalani hidup bersama sebagai rakyat negara yang merdeka dan berdaulat.
Dalam rangkuman zaman sekarang yang sering mencari cari akan kemewahan hidup, intergrasi antara kaum tersering kalanya ketinggalan.
Untuk pertama kalinya, saya telah mencari satu buku melayu yang merangsangkan pencarian ilmu saya.