Thursday, July 31, 2008

Little by little

In trickles and drips the petrol price finally tumble a little. Much to the relief of many. Nothing else changes. Now, maybe the temperature will increase a little, the artic glaciers will melt a littler faster, the land mass shrink a little........

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tutoring web

MDD needed help. Help her with her maths on this 11 hour before her 'A' level. In desperation, she contacted her former 'O' level tutor from a Tuition school. He promised to get back to her. Later, Mr Too called. A professional Just graduated. Working in the banking industry. He needed to know the budget. Within hours, found. A secondary lady teacher just graduated last year with a master in mathematic and proficient with the H2 Maths syllablus. Payment of first two lesson to be paid directly into his account. He has a pool of contacts ranging from university students to teachers in secondary schools. All this sounds so suspicious. The thriving business of tutoring.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The many channels of communicating. I choose
Snail mail for sending a hardcopy keepsake cards, little presents or postcards to brighten one's day. Birthday cards works wonders!
Fax when recipient needs hardcopy instantly.
Email. Most preferred mode of correspondance. For information over website. Keeping in touch with friends.
Instant Messaging. Most preferred mode for chatting when skype is not available and phone call is too expensive.
SMS. Most convient way of writing a short & sweet msg. And when phonecall is not convenient.
Phone call. When the answer needed is urgent. To comfort. For, the voice speaks volumes.
Skype when phone call is too expensive!
Off course nothing surpass meeting up and having a drink. The first impression, the eye contact, the tone and voice, the sincerity, the body language and the firm handshake to authenticate the information imparted.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Much has been written on recycling waste. What fascinates me most is making fertiliser out of kitchen scraps. Three weeks ago, I purchased an automatic indoor composter. After going through the instruction manual on the dos & don'ts, I started. Some fresh soil as culture to start up followed by brown material ie. dried leaves and wood chip(provided) and daily kitchen scarps. Odds and ends of fruits, vegetable peels, egg shells, bread ends and so forth. I have decided not to put any meat scraps.
Two weeks later, upon checking, Voila!! fresh compost.
Scoops of this have gone into my potted plants. Waiting to see some positive results.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mincing words

Friendship is about lending a listening ear, an understanding nature, a leaning shoulder , a sensitive nature and an honest opnion. Honesty does not mean direct and rude. Friend announced, love me or hate me, but this is who I am. Direct and honest. No mincing with words.
I wonder, will this garner more friends? I beg to differ.
If not for diplomacy and the skilful tact of putting forth advise and opnions, the human race might not have survived this long.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Being happy is about giving thanks to small gestures. At the supermarket check-out counter at Bishan yesterday morning. As I walked, with less than 7 items in the basket, toward the long queue, a lady with a full trolley came round the bend just centimetres a head. She saw my face, all wrinkled at the sight of her trolley, she smiled and insist I stand in front of her. One more trolley makes no different I replied. Touched by her gesture, which is rare in today's society. We started chatting about, but of course, children. In a blink, it was our turn. Had she not offered and behaved obnoxious, nothing would have happened except a long wait.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Mummy, an assocciate consultant while daddy, a surgeon. Two daughters aged 2+ and a newborn. Grandma drives over every morning to mind and supervise the live-in maid. Late morning toddler attends a 2 hour kindergarten. Grandma then picks her up, together with baby and maid, it's back to grandma's house for the afternoon. Mummy returns to grandma's home for dinner with family. Children all clean and fed and adorable waiting for mummy and daddy. Weekend outing with grandma when mummy is busy, too tired or on a short weekend getaway. Grandma attends to any fever, sniffs and coughs that might occurs.

Mummy, an accounts officer while daddy, an engineer. Two sons, aged 3+ and a newborn. Dad walks toddler to the childcare while mum hurries baby to nanny's place by 7.00am. Toddler spent the day with others till nanny comes at 5.30pm to pick him up. Mummy hurries to nanny's place by 6.3opm, picks boths toddler and baby. Grab a takeaway. Daddy comes back by 8pm tired from long standing on the jam packed MRT. Weekends at home as mummy gives the home a quick clean and the laundry done. Outing is to the supermarket as daddy stocks up on diapers and baby food. Mummy has taken only one month maternity leave and to use the other month's leave sparingly to attend to any fever, sniffs and cough.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Does reading the newspaper surpass listening to the radio, watching on the telly and scanning the web? Apart from the dirty fingertips, it's hardcopy to be read again and again. Can doddle on, fold origami with, temporary sunshade, self defense weapon against chasing dogs, smacking the roaches and even absorbent for a spill. Whereas, one has to attune the ear or miss a juicy bit when the eyes distract the ears. Watching the news gives both visual and sound stimulation, therefore a better impact while most would rather read a short summary on the webpage. Besides, one cannot hold the laptop and read at ease the old fashion way!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Book Shelves

Some have a weakness for shoes, some for bags others for stationeries. I have a weakness for books. For the ninth year, the National Library is having their annual book sales. I have yet been to one, and not going to this year's either. I am sure, after telling myself, browse only, I will end up with tons of books, to good to pass. My bookshelves are busting.
In order to find spaces on the book shelves for new books, books that have been very well read, torn and in mint condition books, that has never been read over a certain period of time, are cleared from the library. In some countries, the National Library appeals for book donations. Now how am I going to clear my Book shelves. Anyone interested can check out the hyperlink.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


He says I'm getting old
And so I am recently told
For I constantly complain cold
I admit sometimes am bold
showing nothing but flashy gold
Reading between the paper fold
Giving my grey matter a strong hold
on the world, so no lies can be sold

Friday, July 11, 2008


It's all about gliding with the flow of energy and momentum of your opponent in this martial art of Aikido. Bringing down the opponent effortlessly like a Tango dance. MDH here going through the sweat soak routine of tumbling and rolling in the quest of a colour belt two sundays ago.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fear Not

Read with great interest and in agreement to Catherine Lim's speech excerpt pulished in the papers. Quote from her "If giving credit where credit is due is a good thing, then giving criticism where criticism is due is better, for it entails greater effort, even courage". How true for most of us, especially permanent residents. Call it the Asian nature, being direct, blunt and critical, Is not us. However, this may not hold true to the more dynamic, exuberant younger generation.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


To drive in Singapore, one must plan the route. Last minute stops and detours might trigger more beeps from the IU gadgets even more so now with new gantries being setup. Decision here is, would paying $3 into the CBD zone saves petrol and time than crawling along the outer rim. To plan the journey so as not to pass through the CBD too many times. Time is of the essence here. Another added stress to drivers. It would be a driver's nightmare to be caught lost in the maze of streets in downtown business district during office hours. Worst if the one behind the wheel is the cab driver!!!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Hold the Tongue

Body language, Volume and Tone of the Voice and the choice of words can make or break a relationship, proposition or worst, a contract. In a fury and a hurry, in a fit of anger a sarcasm or harsh word is blurted. What said cannot be unsaid. The events that follows may hurt many others inadvertently. Many a times, one should hold the tongue and take a deep breath. Disappointed as one statement said by one, has led to a loss of income of another.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Smoke gets in your eyes.

Love indeed Is Blind. When in love, one is able to overlook, sweep under the carpet, ignore, otherwise unacceptable habits, behaviours, characters presented in front and be convinced, it does not matter. Overwhelmed by the attention, the intensity of passion. After all, to love is to accept warts and all. Until.... when the infatuation subsides. Then reality sets it.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


It's only practical and logical. Using the energy most of us have in access. Advantages aplenty apart from having cleaner air but also a healthy you. Cycling. Ironically we are still busy debating if foot path should be shared with cyclist in Tampanies area. To co-exist, the pedestrians and cyclist should adhere to some basic courtesy code of conduct and rules. Keeping the cyclists on one side and the pedestrian on the other. More should be done to encourage this mode of transport.