Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tutoring web

MDD needed help. Help her with her maths on this 11 hour before her 'A' level. In desperation, she contacted her former 'O' level tutor from a Tuition school. He promised to get back to her. Later, Mr Too called. A professional Just graduated. Working in the banking industry. He needed to know the budget. Within hours, found. A secondary lady teacher just graduated last year with a master in mathematic and proficient with the H2 Maths syllablus. Payment of first two lesson to be paid directly into his account. He has a pool of contacts ranging from university students to teachers in secondary schools. All this sounds so suspicious. The thriving business of tutoring.


seefei said...

the tutoring business kept poorly paid civil engineer above water in the 90s.

doc said...

not only that - it has even benefitted m'sians waiting for their exam results, or like me, during the long varsity vacation.

i remember taking bus from my house to main JB bus station, take SBS #170 across causeway to woodlands, then another to marsiling & walking another 800m to the student's house.

twice a week for SGD130 a month. that was in 1981. i learned very early on that money doesn't come easy, & i've remained frugal till these days.

Iml said...

Doc & SeeFei
Dear Gentlemen, you might be happy to hear that the current rate for one to one JC tuition ranges from $50 to 150 an hour!!! It's burning a hole in my purse!!!

stay-at-home mum said...

yeah! with this "teach less learn more" thingey, where can the kids learn from?? Esp the younger ones. If their teachers dont teach,they dont learn. We parents have no choice but to turn to tuition teachers - coz many of us are not familiar with the current syllabus!! Guess thats their way of keeping the money circulating.

Iml said...

It's not working. Learning to learn has to start from day one in kindergarten. School and teachers must give the students the benefit of doubt. Accept all possible solutions and answers to a question. And parents must learn to nurture NOT force knowledge upon the child.