Monday, July 28, 2008


Much has been written on recycling waste. What fascinates me most is making fertiliser out of kitchen scraps. Three weeks ago, I purchased an automatic indoor composter. After going through the instruction manual on the dos & don'ts, I started. Some fresh soil as culture to start up followed by brown material ie. dried leaves and wood chip(provided) and daily kitchen scarps. Odds and ends of fruits, vegetable peels, egg shells, bread ends and so forth. I have decided not to put any meat scraps.
Two weeks later, upon checking, Voila!! fresh compost.
Scoops of this have gone into my potted plants. Waiting to see some positive results.


Chi said...

Can you advise where in Singapore can I buy the Naturemill compost bin?

iml said...

Hi!, i bought it online from naturemill. Have not been using it lately as it's churning much too much compost for my garden use.

Chi said...

Thanks :)

Just checking if incidentally you still want the compost bin or interested in selling? If not it's ok - I'll get it online as well then.