Friday, June 27, 2008

One more Story To Tell

Picked this up from the Library.
This book transports readers back to the good old Singapore in the 70s. Though I grew up in Penang, there are so much similarities in the every day life in these two places. Street names, chinese customs and the public transport. On page 66, "Jaga". I remember the Big, Strong and friendly Sikh guard of Standard Chartered bank(This happens to be the jingle of the bank's advertisment on telly). Until the late 70s, he could be seen guarding the bank 24 hours. His life, home and work evolves around the entrance of the bank.
An eye opener to many unfamiliar to the old Singapore charm. The local names of the chinatown streets and the reason behind each name.
A must for those curious to know of the fascinating old days of white blouse black pant amah and their golden toothy grin.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lighter side

AHa!! Now this is what happens, when Parents, looking, if not younger but more hip than their children! It's not possible these days, to guess one's age. It has fooled even the keen eyed immgration officers. More and more mature adults are looking attractive and younger. With years of experiences, sound finance, aesthetic regime and most of all cool confidence and reassuring, it's truly a boost to rejuvenation.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mum's best

Prior to departure, she would express, bottled and store as many in the fridge. Sometimes as many as 25 feeds. When supply runs dry, only soy base formula to be fed.
Nothing is wasted. When attending a 10 day confrence somewhere in Europe, she brought along dozens of bottles, styrofoam boxe and The pump. Every so often, she would excuse herself to relieved from the engorgement. The bottle would be put into ice pack until she return to the hotel, where a fridge had been requested to store the bottles. To be used upon her return to baby. A mother of a 6 month old, she believes in the best for her daugther. Been Diligently doing that for her one year for her 2 year -old, 1st born and now again for her 2nd. She should know, for she is an Associate Consultant pediatrician specialising in allergy attached to one of the leading hospital for children in Singapore. My admiration for her dedication.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cool & Free

Tell me where
Opens from 10 to 9pm. Monday to sunday. No time limit. With air-con and very conducive for quiet activities. All are welcome from a month to 99 years old. Free Surfing and plugpoints are available. In selected branches, Food available within the premise too.
The Library of course. Was at the Bugis Library at 5.30pm on saturday. Every inch of available wall to lean, used. Mostly youngsters doing group studying/research for mon is the beginning of the new school term for many. While others, a cool, quiet place to sit and read, nap or engrossed in their psp.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Popsicle day

When the going gets tough, the tough makes popsicles. Youngest simply loves to slurp on popsicle especially on hot muggy days. However, constant reminder of how expensive things are, youngest decided to make her own when we stumble upon the DIY Popsicle tray at Ikea last week. Guava juice, mango juice with nata de coco, lime juice are her favourite but I'm having my kopi Ping!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Swing single

Her day starts with a power breakfast, then a visit to the gym. A demanding strenuous 2 hours, it's followed by a hot oil massage. After a quick bite and a drink with her girlfriends, her work begins. A freelance music teacher she travels around the island teaching. Dinner at sister's home. Staying one block away helps. Her weekend and holidays, when not teaching or in the gym, are spent with siblings and their families, relaxing, or shopping or travelling. Life full of zest. Never a dull moment. At 52 still doing her annual marathons. She is the new breed of swing singles. Too busy living life to the fullest to miss out on anything.
I know of 4 others like her. Each very engrossed with their passion, career and each has a close knit family to make them feel the warmth of home.

Being single, a sense of liberation and freedom not many will ever experience.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Having a meal

Given a choice, I would not have breakfast, lunch or dine alone, in public. Not even with a novel or newspapers in hand. Worst still if sharing a table with 3 others, busy gossiping or grousing about office politics. Listen? Or try very hard to ignore juicy bits and concentrate on the bland food? Through observation, men are quite at ease happily tucking in their meal with or without an eating partner. On the other hand, it's so norm to munch on a puff, bun or sandwich while windowshopping. When the eyes and mind are roving around, the inhibition, subsides.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Puppy Love

Yes, I admit, I stayed till 11pm just to catch a glimpsed of the "Donny And Marie Show" Then, 30 odd years ago, the once a week squeaky clean variety program was shown on a weekday 10pm. Their easy to sing songs, catch tunes, "goody two-shoes" look, Perfect idols for any teenager. As the show ended, others replaced them, Baycity Rollers, Leif Garret, The Cassidys, BeeGees, Beatles, soon...the Osmonds were lost and forgotten till Joseph And the Amazing technicolour dreamcoat And Mulan. Donny Osmond is back into the scene!!
Quite taken aback when I heard The Osmonds. The brothers and sister, 50th Anniversary performance tonight. I will give this a miss. I want to remember them as part of my growing up memories, young and suave.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


It happened exactly one week ago. After some discreet reconnaissance, observing and noting the time and schedule, they struck. When the usual tool failed, brute force and sledge hammer to shatter the french windows. Meanwhile, maid, upstairs spring cleaning, jumped to the sudden thundering crash. The voices confirmed, trouble. Panic and desperate, she ran towards the bathroom window, squeezed herself out and landed on the grassy lawn below. Quick thinking, ran to the nearest neighbour and called. The intruders shocked to see sudden appearance of the police ran helter-skelter. One tried to climb over the glass-laced garden wall but was injured and apprenhended. Turns out this is the Mexican group that has been patrolling and breaking in around the TTDI, in Damansara area. All this happened in broad daylight at 1pm Sunday afternoon! Brother-in-law and family had gone out for their weekly sunday brunch. When the going gets tough the tough gets going. He is getting more reinforcement.


Mum believes in this cantonese saying, 肮脏吃肮脏大. At the heart of Bentong town, every nook and cranny of the celing corners the swifts build their little nests. All day long swooping down, twirling round and round the sky above. Buildings walls, window panes, five foot ways splattered with droppings of dirty white. Unnoticed by all living there, going about their daily chores. We have invaded their territory and now they, ours. In harmony with one purpose, to live.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cube determination

Son brought home a rubik cube one day in March during the one week school break. After much twisting and turning, he turned to the web for answer. A few days of determined tries and practises, he finally could get all the 6 colours into their rightful sides. Proud of his achievement, he had all of us messing the cube then, with a few twist and a turn,Voila! it's solved.
Youngest, meanwhile got curious and wanted a cube of her own. Knowing her interest might not last, we came to an understanding. I would pay for half the cost, if she could, using brother's, to learnt the algorithm of solving the cube. Youngest would finish her homework, then waited patiently for brother to pass her the cube while he goes for his basketball training. For 4 days she spent 2 to 3 hours twisting and turning. Following instruction on Youtube, writing down the algorithm. Finally, a week later, she got The original Rubik cube. I under-estimated her but it shows, anything is possible with great determination.

Friday, June 13, 2008


With great anticipation, youngest and I decided to take the public bus from Perdana Damansara to the Central Market at the heart of KL town on Monday. 10.30am we made our way to the bus pole. Literally by the road a pole stuck out with the picture of the bus. As time wears on, youngest got restless,fidgetting within the parameter of the umbrella shade. Soon other commuters join the crowd, few enquired if they had missed the bus. During that time, we began chatting. Mostly grousing on the inefficiency of the public transport system and the cost of petrol. From strangers to acquaintance. All this time while waiting for The Metro Bus No.6. Finally, at 12pm the bus arrived. With the sigh of relieve all boarded the bus, none showing nor voicing disgust, displeasure, not even anger to the nonchalant the bus conductor. Just Relieved.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Swift Weekend

A wedding of a yet to meet cousin was a good enough reason to visit this quaint little town in the heart of Pahang again. Bentong. Arrived early on saturday to find The hotel fully booked. No checking in until after 2pm!! The highlight of the morning, a stroll through the open market. Bentong famous for it's fragrant ginger and watercress. Watching how live chickens were slaughtered sents chills for youngest. Local vegetation and malay ulam fascinates me.
In the midst of swifts and swallows doing aerial dives, soaring up and twirling in the air, people went about their daily lives.

Spending time in countrysides and observing how the local goes about lives truly brings one to appreciate the simple thing in live.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


When packing for a weekend trip, it takes great will to pack light. Tops and bottoms for mix n match, lingeries & toiletries. However, along the way, an extra pair of shorts, an old comfy T-shirt, jungle adventure perhaps. A dress with matching shoe and bag for a formal dinner in case. Not forgetting charges for hphone and camera. The basic medication for tummy runs, thermometer, fever medicine when travelling with children. A shawl for comfort. A book to read. A scrap book to write.
Having thought through thoroughly, once, the pyjamas then, undies and another time my cosmetic pouch was forgotten!

Once out of the house, with passport and the ticket and money/credit card, anything forgotten, hopefully, can be bought at destination. However, an acquaintance of mine landed in Hadyai, Thailand without his wallet. Solution, called dad for HELP!!!!
Going for a short trip tomorrow

Catch Up

In has been written in the papers and discussed over the radio. School is out and yet many students are going back to school. Some for CCA training. Training for the up coming inter school competition while many many others are going back for remedial classes. Spending more time on subjects and topics not fully comprehend when taught during school hours. While still others,taking this time to enrich themselves. Is this not the many many constructive ways to spent the holidays? Why are parents complaining?
With school occuping most of the time, free time leave most helpless as to how to fill it with activities except in front of the computer and telly or strolling through the mallls.
Acquiring knowledge and then regurgitating it up during exams, these days is no child's play, thanks to parents. It's the kiasu parents who is the culprit in making education tough for many. Sending their children to tuition classes to be one notch ahead of the rest of the cohort.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Friday night's performance showed. The effort and the hard work put into practise and rehearsing for the concert performed by the students at the UCC. Eldest finally had a solo and a pas de deux part. Proud of her confidence, poise and grace. After this highlight of the year, it's back to the books for the final lap. A leap into the next phase of life.
Her Aunt May sent a teddy bouquet for not being able to attend.