Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bat & Ball

It's really tiring for youngest. All excited for her 2nd match after losing a maiden table tennis game in inter-zone junior primary school competition . Got up at 6 a.m in school by 6.40 a.m proudly in her competition attire. It was only at 4.08p.m when I saw her again. Stayed on for supplementary classes. Looking really exhausted & tired but perked up again when she related to me how she won her 2 games and the team won both matches. After an ice cream and a shower, she quickly finished up all the work she missed in the morning and also the homework while waiting for her chinese tuition teacher. By the time teacher left at 6.25pm she was looking really worn. An energizing dinner and between munches of apples, she went through her spelling list and pack her bag for the next day. After much kisses and hugs, finally lay down to sleep at 9.45p.m not before excitingly going through the day's event with eldest, who came back at 9p.m dog tired after her dance practise! Eldest had been representing the primary school badminton team during her days.
This morning, at 6a.m upon waking up complained of a headache spanning from her eyebrow across to the centre of her head. No. she cannot Not attend school. Table tennis practise today. She has to put in more practise on her forehand in preparation for her next game this friday. Will not see her again till 4p.m today. *sigh* Never remember my primary 5 school days being so long.........

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Losing something precious can be very traumatising. When youngest was less than a year old, she had this habit of tugging at my little diamond set in a heart shape pendant. One of it's kind as mum had it custom made. Given to me on my 16th birthday. One morning, 10 years ago, a casual touch round my nape, set of a panic key. Started tracing back all the places I had been round the apartment. Horrors. I had been to the hawker centre and remembered youngest tugging on it. Hoping against hope, I scan through the whole place. Of course. It was not to be. Then, I started looking at everyone and anyone that comes across my path. Never know, someone could have picked it up and wore it. Till this day, I still give a casual glance on what the person is wearing on the necklace. Someone must have needed it more than I do.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Porcelain smooth

It did cross my mind. Cross my mind to get something done to those spots. Lighten it perhaps. Every time, when approached by the sales personnels recommending me their sure work products. Porcelain smooth and glowing is a becoming a norm on the streets. It's so hard to do guess work these days. All clues are wiped clean without a trace. Eternal look. Mature. Soon everyone would want to be address by their 1st name. Any other title would either sound offending or in appropriate. Yes, the quest for eternal youthful look. GP are jumping into this multimillion industry. With just a careful injection of the correct dosage any well informed medical practitioner can do the job. Or is it? With MOH taking stern action against GP, what about the beauty salon? The question is, how effective And safe are these treatments. What can and cannot be done by the GP and salons should be explicitly spelled out.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


When children quarrels. Bickering over a toy. When harsh words are exchanged. What do parents do? Do nothing, for they need to trash it out amongst themselves. Join in. Take side. Turning a mole hill to a mountain. Or be an impartial arbitrator?

Girlfriend had a tiff with younger sister. Both in their mid 2os. Both single working adults. Girlfriend a music teacher while younger sister, a graduate in the teaching profession. Over trivial. Big sis make a harsh comment. Younger sister offended. Spinning into strings of verbal attack. Both confronted mum. Mum took side. Then cold war started. It has been a month. Both sisters are not in speaking terms. Not even in sight. Mum does nothing. Thinks nothing of it. Favouritism? Younger daughter. Smarter and higher earning power. This is so wrong. Wrong when parent does not take it upon them to mediate a misunderstanding among the children. In many cases, such incidents escalate to headline news when siblings take on each other to court over family matters. Washing dirty linen in public. For sometimes, parent's action however small, is ingrain into the mind of the children, unknowing to the parents.

Monday, March 17, 2008

'Mine' & 'His'

The toothpaste, a slice of deliciously sinful chocolate/carrot cake, a drink or two, that is about the only stuff shared with my spouse. In one of the article in the Readers' Digest on "His and Hers" had me thinking of mine and his. For hygiene purposes, we do not normally share the towel, toothbrush or hair brush. Personal hygiene aside, I read when time permits, he watches a sci-fi to destress. But, we both like Bourne Identity. He is into any new health gadget, while I view them with suspicious. But, we enjoy a drink together now and then. He goes to the gym after work, while I go for my stretching classes in the morning. Staying married is all about accommodating each other's differences.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Splish splash

It has been cool weather for the last 4 days. Not complaining. Doing my bit to save energy. Air-cond is off. However, my clothes are not drying!!! The socks! The towels! Getting in and out of the car in the torrential rain is wet affair not matter how well you plan to keep the umbrella as close as possible to the car door. Rainy day attire, flipflop and shorts. Otherwise, it more washing.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

People's choice

8th of March. The people has spoken. A freshing change. Young blood, New faces. New challenges, innovative initiatives. Exciting times ahead. All eyes are looking. Looking now at the capability to work together.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


How do one go about looking for a genuine caring and patience chemistry/physic tutor? It's 6 months away and help is needed. I am looking hard.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Not all about studying and no play. At the most recent mini concert organised by the Central Narcotic Bureau. The JC known as a mugger school shows their true colour. An innovative way of sending a message to the youth today against drug abuse. There are alternative to having a high time. Dancing! Eldest in purple while youngest in the audience smiling with glee on hearing herself, a voice over of a young child.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rabbit food

Strolling into the food court walking round and round through all thestalls, always at lost as to what to eat. Especially when on a light, fiber diet. Normally would make a beeline to the popiah stall. Next, on the list, gado gado. An assortment of parboil vegetable of long beans, cabbage, Kankong, bean sprout, tofu, tempeh with thick peanut gravy. At Vivocity food court, I tried the Hakka lei cha stall. After going on brown rice for the last 6 months, I wanted to try this with brown rice. Indeed the toppings of shredded boiled vegetable, with peanut, cubes of tofu, salted ikan bilis goes very well with the brown rice. I like it. A mixture of texture, colour and refreshing sutle taste. The "tea" took me by surprise, had expected green tea, tea but it was more basil and mint flavour than green tea. I was quite happy chomping on the whole bowl with a sip of tea in between chews. One more on the list of rabbit food for me.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Cruel to be kind

When any of the children is down with a tummy run or diarrhea, a sachet of smecta is quickly mix in lukewarm water and drunk . Then the two day soft diet begins. Very severe, then plain watery porridge with soya sauce is fed every time hunger pang strikes. Porridge with sliver of fish if it's a mild tummy cramp. Under normal circumstances, most time, by day 2, the tummy is back to good working condition. Youngest, who had a mild tummy run on friday evening, decided that she was well enough, though she was still experiencing a very mild tummy ache. I disagreed but gave in. The breakfast on sunday morning, at Hans, bacon and scramble egg was just too delicious to miss esp when she had only porridge the previous day. By mid afternoon her tummy ache got worse. Anxiety started creeping up on her as she is participating in the 200m heats today in school. This morning another satchet of smecta. A lunchbox of warm rice with a sprinkle of japanese condiments and a tamagoyaki. It takes strong will to be cruel in order to be kind.

Truth about Food

Most interesting programme on food over at the CNA tonight. One piece of information that caught my attention was the fact that a diet containing prebiotic, feeding the existing good bacteria and not probiotic, cultures containing good bacteria, ie yoghurt, helps flourish the good bacteria community in our guts.
Interesting. Bacteria thrives better when diet consist of garlic, onion, leek, articoke and banana. With healthier bacteria, better absorption of nutrient in the gut.