Monday, March 17, 2008

'Mine' & 'His'

The toothpaste, a slice of deliciously sinful chocolate/carrot cake, a drink or two, that is about the only stuff shared with my spouse. In one of the article in the Readers' Digest on "His and Hers" had me thinking of mine and his. For hygiene purposes, we do not normally share the towel, toothbrush or hair brush. Personal hygiene aside, I read when time permits, he watches a sci-fi to destress. But, we both like Bourne Identity. He is into any new health gadget, while I view them with suspicious. But, we enjoy a drink together now and then. He goes to the gym after work, while I go for my stretching classes in the morning. Staying married is all about accommodating each other's differences.


stay-at-home mum said...

What is his is mine. The most impt thing that I share with my hubby is his bank account!!

Iml said...

Oh gosh, how can I forget!! yes, and the bank account.

Las montañas said...

Good to hear that your hubby continues to keep himself fit and healthy!

Iml said...

At 47,"his basket of aches" is getting bigger though :(