Thursday, March 20, 2008

Porcelain smooth

It did cross my mind. Cross my mind to get something done to those spots. Lighten it perhaps. Every time, when approached by the sales personnels recommending me their sure work products. Porcelain smooth and glowing is a becoming a norm on the streets. It's so hard to do guess work these days. All clues are wiped clean without a trace. Eternal look. Mature. Soon everyone would want to be address by their 1st name. Any other title would either sound offending or in appropriate. Yes, the quest for eternal youthful look. GP are jumping into this multimillion industry. With just a careful injection of the correct dosage any well informed medical practitioner can do the job. Or is it? With MOH taking stern action against GP, what about the beauty salon? The question is, how effective And safe are these treatments. What can and cannot be done by the GP and salons should be explicitly spelled out.

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