Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bat & Ball

It's really tiring for youngest. All excited for her 2nd match after losing a maiden table tennis game in inter-zone junior primary school competition . Got up at 6 a.m in school by 6.40 a.m proudly in her competition attire. It was only at 4.08p.m when I saw her again. Stayed on for supplementary classes. Looking really exhausted & tired but perked up again when she related to me how she won her 2 games and the team won both matches. After an ice cream and a shower, she quickly finished up all the work she missed in the morning and also the homework while waiting for her chinese tuition teacher. By the time teacher left at 6.25pm she was looking really worn. An energizing dinner and between munches of apples, she went through her spelling list and pack her bag for the next day. After much kisses and hugs, finally lay down to sleep at 9.45p.m not before excitingly going through the day's event with eldest, who came back at 9p.m dog tired after her dance practise! Eldest had been representing the primary school badminton team during her days.
This morning, at 6a.m upon waking up complained of a headache spanning from her eyebrow across to the centre of her head. No. she cannot Not attend school. Table tennis practise today. She has to put in more practise on her forehand in preparation for her next game this friday. Will not see her again till 4p.m today. *sigh* Never remember my primary 5 school days being so long.........


seefei said...
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seefei said...

i used to represent school in TT when i was a lil kiddo. Can emphatize with the youngest feelign and enthusiasm although it was eons ago.

Nice shot of the TT bat and ball!

stay-at-home mum said...

Good luck for the tournament.

Iml said...


She will need it :)