Sunday, April 30, 2006

A safe place

Is what I want
To be able to take an evening stroll without constantly looking behind me
To be able to eat in peace knowing that my apple is free from any poisonous contaminant
To be able to quench my thirst from kitchen tap
To give my children the wonder of knowledge
To give them the independence to travel around
To be able to seek assistance and knowing that I am in safe hands
This is what I want
So Put A Pat , all the best.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cards and such

These days cards are making spending nonchalant. Had two of my cash cards top-up this morning. Then it dawned on me. Cards are making purses and wallets lighter . Well in every sense of the word.
Many won't bat an eyelid to pay for a thousand dollar dress. Just hand the card over, a swipe and a stroke of the pen, it's yours. Definately would feel the pinch if I had to see all the $50s and $100 slowly slipping away from my hand. Well it hurts to see all those hard earned money going.......
Then there is the cash card. Indeed it is a stored value card. But how many also realised that once the money has been handed over, payment has been made for services yet to be rendered? Money spent. No matter how long you intend to stretch that amount stored. Left on the counter of the top-up machine was an unwanted receipt. I had a glanced, the amount in the cash card $550. A small amount to many but multiply that with all the cars on the road. Generous? Kiasu? Forgetful?

No pix from me. My camera is not working ):

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Before there was email there was snail mail.
I would rush home everyday. First stop would be my letter box. I get so excited when I get a stack of them. Diligently I replied postcards and aerogrammes. The highlight of my day, to receive something extra in the envelope. Gums, chocolate, tea bags, stationeries, stickers, jewelries little leather pouches from Africa and a bikini from a penfriend from New Zealand!!
In return, local handmade fridge magnets, flower and vegetable seeds sweets and such would be stuffed into that tiny envelopes!!
Till today most of the letters are still in it's original envelope with it's stamps intact. As time went by, school work and social life took up most of my time, and soon, I lost interest in writing.
One day in 2000, after an interval of 15 years, I was rummaging through my old letters, I decided to write to 4 of my penfriends. Surprise surprise 3 replied. Wojceich A polish who has since moved to the states. The occupant of the address had so kindly forwarded the mail to his parents who who in turn mailed my letter to him. He is now a professor teaching law. My irish girlfriend Anne, married and has her own home. Her mum still stays at the mailing address. Lastly Atsushi, my japanese friend still staying at the mailing address. He has taken over his dad's orchards and now grows delicious sweet nashi(pear) ringo(apples) and puto(grapes). In keeping with times it's emailing now.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms,
On mountains and in villages,
As far as you can see.
They look like a mist, or clouds,
Fragrant in the morning sun.
Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms,
They’re in full bloom.
Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms,

Across the April skies,
As far as you can see.
They look like a mist,or clouds,
Blooming fragrantly.
Let’s go! Let’s go!
Let’s go see them

Do have a listen to the japanese version at this site

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Orion's Belt

On a clear cloudless night sky, try star gazing. If you see three stars in a row, that's Orion's belt. Orion (the Hunter) is one of the oldest and most recognized constellations in the sky. Orion is a very user-friendly constellation: its bold 3-star belt
Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. These three prominent stars in the central regions of the constellation of Orion align to form the 'belt' of the Hunter.
It's always a delight to point up in the sky and say in confident,"that's Orion's belt" A sure conversational piece.

Monday, April 17, 2006

In their world

In their world we are but a helpless creature.
In their world we are but a lost soul
In their silent world they command such grace
In their silent world they comand such beauty
Yet we choose to sent them to extinction

Winners are just ex-losers

Winners are just ex-losers who got mad. The battle in life belongs to the persistent. Victory will go to the one who does not quit. Refuse to let friends and circumstances defeat you.
If you have been defeated, remember that from the ashes of defeat burn the greatest fires of accomplishment. Your past is the fertiliser for the future.
God made you to climb and not to crawl.
God made you to fly and not fall.
God made you to swim and not sink.
You were not made to dig in the dirt with the chickens, but to soar in the clouds with the wings of an eagle.
Go for it! Today is your day.
What you made happen to others, God will make happen to you.
What you sow today determines your harvest tomorrow. Sow kindness; be slow to criticize and quick to forgive. Love produces a nonjudgemental climate that will also affect you.
Become part of someone's miracle, and it will come back to you.
Do not build mental "monsters" of fear and worry.
If a person expects rejection, he will multiply the possibilities and usually receive it.
Plan now for your financial freedom. Success does not "just happen". You set it in motion. So it is with financial freedom. You will never change where you are until you change what you are doing.
Live within your means. Do not let your upkeep be your downfall. Live with the means presently provided, and budget to correct improper and harmful spending habits.
Work hard, and be deligent, but respect your body.
Health is life's first prize. Men spend their health getting wealth, then gladdly pay all they have gained to get their health back!
Be good to your body. Give it sleep and proper nutrition. Exercise it, and give it the surrounding it needs. Your body is the only "machine" God will allow you during your lifetime. value it, and take care of it.
Information breeds confidence. Know what you believe and why you believe it. Disconnect the memory of past failures. Stop advertising your mistakes. Remind yourself of good decisions and triumphs of the past.
See yourself winning!
Winning Attitudes :-
As a small acorn grows into great oak tree, so grow the seeds of greatness within our lives :
It takes work and discipline
It takes proper nurturing.
It takes time and may not happen overnight.
Resist impatience. As you assume responsibility for the present, take time to enjoy the things available to you right now. Constantly hold before you the dream toward which you work.
"He that walketh with the wise men shall be wise" (Proverbs 13:20)
"In multitude of counsellors there is safety" (Proverbs 11:4)
Be careful in choosing the people that you surround your life with. They can make all the difference in the world.
Success is connected to action. Successful people keep moving towards their goals. They make mistakes. There are setbacks, but they don't quit!
"For the resolute and determined there is time and opportunity." (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

To my children Mei, Wen and Shan

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Why I can't sleep? Looking forward to tomorrow. Why? Because I have spent today, preparing for tomorrow.
Yesterday is dead and gone.
It died at 12 midnight everyday.
Today starts with every breath I take.
Today I live.
How should I live today?
Today is not for repairing yesterday.
Yesterday is gone.
Nothing I can do to bring it back.
Past accomplishment and mistakes...
All dead at midnight... everyday.
So, for what purpose I am given Today?
Today is for today
If that is true
then, what is there tomorrow?
Today IS
for us to prepare for tomorrow....

by KA Ooi

Treasure trove

I just found a treasure trove. A trove of my friend's diving photos. I am sure he would be more than delighted to share this. Taken on his dive off sipadan island in 2005.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sixty six

My first trip back home alone. To spend some time with mum and dad. A break from my hectic family life.
However, dad was not feeling too well on Saturday morning. The next 2 hours was spend waiting waiting waiting for no. 34 to be called. The doc had a look and concluded in all 10 mins that dad had to be referred to the neurologist. Dad suffers from Myastina Gravis. 1 hour later we were attended. He was thorough and reassured my dad that it was a minor inflammation of the bronchial tube. Another 45 min was needed to get the medication. I was to be blame for this condition. My return to Penang was meant to be a surprise to my dad. Brother Ming and mum picked me up at the airport. Upon reaching the garden gate, I gave dad a wave. Dad looked and looked again. He actually question my presence!!!
Lesson learnt: Do give one month advance notice of any surprise you wish to spring on anyone over 60 years of age.


Good bye. You can finally be yourself.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Splashing Wednesday

Every wednesday morning slightly before 9am two classes of 9 year olds will troop down in P.E. attire over their costumes with their sling bags. Sit at the link way for a quick briefing on the dos and don'ts. After " Now then have a good time" by the discipline mistress, off they troop to the awaiting buses together with 4 mothers and 2 teachers.
As the buses move off the unbearable noisy squeals of delights, non-stop chatting begins. All 5 mins of the ride.
Upon reaching destination, in twos they are lead to the awaiting instructors. Once again reminded on the safety at site. Then the splashing begins!!!It's swimming day for the primary 3. What is so so so fun is they get to learn swimming with their classmates.Her school has a compulsory swimming programmes for all primary 3 students unless with a note from the doctor. Their various proficiency are rated from 1(those who have never been near water) to 6 ( the mermaids). After 14 lessons, they should at least be able to swimming a width.
An hour later, the confusion begins as they head to the changing rooms to get a quick drowse. Dry themselves and change into their dry attire. No showering no shampooing. With 80 children and theres no time!!
Once again in 2 they sit outside waiting as the mothers frantically check every cubicle for lost and found items and girls. After a head count, up the bus they go. As the buses move off the quick and silent chopping of hungry children are all that's to be heard. All 5 mins of the ride.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Me? breathing fire?

We chinese have this unique way of getting someone age. Find out their chinese zodiac sign then give their physique a quick glance and a bit of mental calculation. Of course, noted in our brain thinker is the personality and chatracteristic most associated with the zodiac sign.
Truly, are our characteristics so related to our zodiac?
(Hhhmm.... must polish up my act. Still can't get that roast right )