Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Before there was email there was snail mail.
I would rush home everyday. First stop would be my letter box. I get so excited when I get a stack of them. Diligently I replied postcards and aerogrammes. The highlight of my day, to receive something extra in the envelope. Gums, chocolate, tea bags, stationeries, stickers, jewelries little leather pouches from Africa and a bikini from a penfriend from New Zealand!!
In return, local handmade fridge magnets, flower and vegetable seeds sweets and such would be stuffed into that tiny envelopes!!
Till today most of the letters are still in it's original envelope with it's stamps intact. As time went by, school work and social life took up most of my time, and soon, I lost interest in writing.
One day in 2000, after an interval of 15 years, I was rummaging through my old letters, I decided to write to 4 of my penfriends. Surprise surprise 3 replied. Wojceich A polish who has since moved to the states. The occupant of the address had so kindly forwarded the mail to his parents who who in turn mailed my letter to him. He is now a professor teaching law. My irish girlfriend Anne, married and has her own home. Her mum still stays at the mailing address. Lastly Atsushi, my japanese friend still staying at the mailing address. He has taken over his dad's orchards and now grows delicious sweet nashi(pear) ringo(apples) and puto(grapes). In keeping with times it's emailing now.


A Fellow Traveler said...

that's really nice! as for me, m not good at keeping in touch via snail mail or email....so sad, isn't it?

also i don't keep all my old letters anymore .... not a sentimental person loh

IML said...

Too sentimental and you have a drawers full of rubbish. I had to clean out my room back at mum's home when I discovered those letters.

FH2O said...


I've almost entirely forgotten about 'em!! Do they still have them at the post office?
Sure brings back memories!

I LOVE snail mails! :)

When I read my old love letters to my wife it was like it was only yesterday! Who said time travel doesn't exits!!!

Thanks for the memories!

IML said...

Good question, I don't know. The only letters I sent these days, are self addressed stamped envelopes for cheques ):
and the only mails I receive are bills!!! Not exciting opening letter box anymore huh

Chris said...

A friendship to treasure for a life. Sweet.

I have a friend who still prefers snail-mail. And each time I print a card for her, she said she much prefer that I'd written them. It's definitely more personal that way, she reasoned.

IML said...

My sentiments exactly.
Snail mails are so much more sincere and personalised. The time taken to choose the right card, to hand write those feelings and finally to pop it into the mailbox. With a card old feelings never die.

Happysurfer said...

Ah.....snail-mail. Brings back memories of penpals and gift-exchanges. Post offices here still do carry aerogrammes.

Chen said...

I can't remember when is the last time I went to post office.. but that was definitely years ago.. 3 years? 5 years? or ? I can't remember :)