Friday, April 07, 2006

Splashing Wednesday

Every wednesday morning slightly before 9am two classes of 9 year olds will troop down in P.E. attire over their costumes with their sling bags. Sit at the link way for a quick briefing on the dos and don'ts. After " Now then have a good time" by the discipline mistress, off they troop to the awaiting buses together with 4 mothers and 2 teachers.
As the buses move off the unbearable noisy squeals of delights, non-stop chatting begins. All 5 mins of the ride.
Upon reaching destination, in twos they are lead to the awaiting instructors. Once again reminded on the safety at site. Then the splashing begins!!!It's swimming day for the primary 3. What is so so so fun is they get to learn swimming with their classmates.Her school has a compulsory swimming programmes for all primary 3 students unless with a note from the doctor. Their various proficiency are rated from 1(those who have never been near water) to 6 ( the mermaids). After 14 lessons, they should at least be able to swimming a width.
An hour later, the confusion begins as they head to the changing rooms to get a quick drowse. Dry themselves and change into their dry attire. No showering no shampooing. With 80 children and theres no time!!
Once again in 2 they sit outside waiting as the mothers frantically check every cubicle for lost and found items and girls. After a head count, up the bus they go. As the buses move off the quick and silent chopping of hungry children are all that's to be heard. All 5 mins of the ride.


A Fellow Traveler said...

wow, swimming classes for primary 3! that's cool. unfortunately we don't have that in malaysia *sigh*

i love swimming i love ......


carcar said...

cool...are you together in the class or i believe is been 'story-telling' by your kids ya?

kids in singapore are so blessed, mostly Msian kids do not know how to swim...hmmm, rooms to improve.

IML said...

Good morning girls!!!
traveller I love swimming too. Did not learn till I was 18!!

carcar I was there as a volunteer mum. Going to school should be fun yah.