Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sixty six

My first trip back home alone. To spend some time with mum and dad. A break from my hectic family life.
However, dad was not feeling too well on Saturday morning. The next 2 hours was spend waiting waiting waiting for no. 34 to be called. The doc had a look and concluded in all 10 mins that dad had to be referred to the neurologist. Dad suffers from Myastina Gravis. 1 hour later we were attended. He was thorough and reassured my dad that it was a minor inflammation of the bronchial tube. Another 45 min was needed to get the medication. I was to be blame for this condition. My return to Penang was meant to be a surprise to my dad. Brother Ming and mum picked me up at the airport. Upon reaching the garden gate, I gave dad a wave. Dad looked and looked again. He actually question my presence!!!
Lesson learnt: Do give one month advance notice of any surprise you wish to spring on anyone over 60 years of age.


carcar said...

happy birthday to your dad! hope he is already well by now :)

so sweeet of you giving them a surprise visit! i believe they understand and indeed very touch ya :)

IML said...

carcar: Thanx. He is on the road to recovery. Will return to Penang with my whole battalion this coming june holidays.

A Fellow Traveler said...

june? hmmmm i haven't decided when m going back 2 penang. thinking of mother's day.........will c how it goes

agus said...

Oh come on! You can't blame yourself for that can you? Or was it a joke?

Anyway, all the best for your dad. Hope it's nothing serious and he get's well soon.

Happysurfer said...

Best wishes to your dad's speedy recovery.

IML said...

Thanx. Had a chat with him last night. He is definatelly much better.