Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Me? breathing fire?

We chinese have this unique way of getting someone age. Find out their chinese zodiac sign then give their physique a quick glance and a bit of mental calculation. Of course, noted in our brain thinker is the personality and chatracteristic most associated with the zodiac sign.
Truly, are our characteristics so related to our zodiac?
(Hhhmm.... must polish up my act. Still can't get that roast right )


A Fellow Traveler said...

clueless leh. what u mean by sizzler? hehehe now u knw m not much into chinese culture.

long time alrdy ppl hv not asked me abt my zodiac sign. anyway i wouldnt hv answered hehe :)

IML said...

Traveler: Decided to change my choice of word, in case I get misunderstood.

Idham said...

sizzling steak??
Sizzler!! as in steamy!!
Anyway..i am a rooster...what is the most compatible partner's zodiac?


IML said...

Blown away: as long as they are vegans, any zodiac signs would be good (:

Chen said...

I'm not good in chinese zodiac.. anyway, I don't bother about it as well :P who cares ... :D

Chris said...

How fascinating. I'm also very intrigue by the Chinese Zodiac sign. And had in fact written a post about it in my blog.

This year spells nothing but trouble for those whose Zodiac sign falls under the Dragon, if the book by the famous geomancer Lilian Foo is anything to go by ...

I'm afraid. Very afraid. :((