Friday, November 30, 2007


Catching up with the past week's news. Glad I did. Not a day goes by without seeing an advertisment on Lasik eye surgery. The advertisment gives the impression that it's normal. fast easy and Every shortsighted person has done it. The eye, window to our soul. The sense that can moves us to tears or tickle us pink. It's plain horror to see ophthalmologists treating this operation so nonchalantly. What are they thinking? Whatever happen to their conscience? The hippocratic Oath?
What is not reported is, the 2% Lasik operation that have gone very wrong. Had considered this op not too long ago as my eyesight has been deteriorating with age. But am I ready to put my eyes under the knife and pray hard that I'll be in the 98% category?

Water apple

Is there such term as childhood fruits? As we progress, so have the fruits. This is what water apples are to me. Small, red, a slight tinged of sour. Saw them again at the market at Bayan Baru. Seller havested from a single tree in the backyard of a kampong house. Fruit tree nobody would want to have an orchard for. Bought some for nostalgia. Children thought it looked and tasted unfruity?Strange that these were the fruits we grew up eating. Organic, wild and not GM.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


It's fun fun and more fun as she splashed in the pool with the other children. Doing laps with dad and sliding down with a splash with cousin. While son team up with others in a game of water basketball and table tennis.Amazing how boys can just team up with anyone around and play a game. After 3 days of submergence, Charming coral had to see a doc. Her ears where completely blocked with expanded earwax! Most enjoyable evening, at the beach, on the deck chair sipping a vodka line star gazing while listening to the music from the lounge nearby. Had a spectacular view of the beach, sea and garden.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Mother nature knows best. A mild cramp followed by light bleeding for the next 4 days. Finally a blood test at the A&E comfirmed. She might not be healthy enough to go through another pregnancy. Took the news calmly then off to the salon to get her hair dye and groomed. Life goes on. This time cautiously

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Coming together

A quorum of 4 attended. On the table, the numbers laid. Noughts and crosses marked as the meeting progressed. Finally, after much brainstorming and phone calls the date, time and venue confirmed. In attendance, top management, the welfare administrator, the part timer and the budding artist-to-be. Absence with leave, the trainee.
It has been decided. To be on the 21st to the 27th at the Golden Sands, Penang. The annual family gathering. Planing for family outing has been a challenge as the members aged. Each with their holiday commitments. Eldest, dance practises for the up coming Prom night performance on 1st week of december. Son, commitment to his holiday job. Youngest with her 4 times a week table tennis training in school and her year end ballet concert performance. Lastly equally important, advance notification to the head of the family.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Met up with girlfriend while waiting for daughter. She confided. At 45, she is going to be a mother. For the 5th time. Upon seeing the two lines, she, shocked while, husband, took it calmly. No more champagne popping excitment. Still thinking of a way to break the news to in law. With a son and 3 daughters yet.... Had often wonder why the Gynae did not advise her on the appropriate method but then again, Gynae is a mother of 7. Motherhood started at 35 and it has been a handful since. Two maids to keep the children, in-laws and the house in order while she busy with the children's school and enrichment courses. Most admirable as she is one of the most patience mother I have met. Though looking forward to the new addition to the family, carrying a child at 45 does give cause to some worry. Mother's well being and also child's.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


To invest is to plan for the future. To make provision that the organisation becomes a going concern. To provide the fundamental and wholesome needs to all who seeks. To stand on it's own two feet. To be independant from the continous need ask.
Is this what most of the charitable and religious organisations have in mind when public funds are used?

Friday, November 09, 2007

Deep inside

Sometimes, what is inside, we fail to see.
In a stalk of flower
In a silent child
In a concern mother
In the eye of a stranger
In the writings of another.

Teach less learn more?

Daugther 10, came home dissapointed. Dissapointed that she was being penalised for her quick thinking. Marks were deducted because the table used to prove the question was not comprenhensible. More numbers were needed. She could have transpose from else where. When nurturing young mind are we prepared to accept and encourage when presented with the unexpected? Give the benefit of the doubt to the child or squash any that deviate from the trodden path. Does two marks make any difference? Except a motivation boost for a trying child.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sheer will

Impressive. After 3 sleepless nights, 69 hours 47 mins they are still going strong! I need my sleep otherwise, the bad, the ugly and the monster will surface regardless. The sheer determination by the 5 women and 3 men is nothing but awesome. It goes to show what willpower one has once the mind is set.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Cats are carnivorous

A week of frantic reading marathon. Acquired another book to keep the imaginative brain thinker running on overtime. Even had a matching bookmark.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Optical illusion?

How far do you agree with this?