Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We alien

LM's revealation prompted me to this:

Once in college we were in a heated debate on the human existence. Adam and Eve said one. Evolution from the neanderthal man. And if Darwin had been right, have we over the last millenium evolved? Are we looking very different from our ancestors ? With the change in lifestyle, we should be slowly be evolving.
My opnion, we are aliens. It's so obvious. The comet came, kick up a dust storm so thick that the dinosours died. Well, it's mother ship's doing. They were on a mission. Creating living beings. They had to know if these beings could survive. They had to know which trait combinations were best suited to survive. They found earth's atmosphere closest to that of their planet. The drop off location had to be well spread out. A small colony in every climatic and geographical conditions. Some thrived others extinct. Blamed it on bad design or genes in our term. Oh yes, for the 1st few millenniums they came and visited. The pyramids and all those unexplained geoglyph designs comfirned. Should these beings encounter hardship, they were to turn to the heaven above. Many Ancient cultures were sun worshippers It's the telepathic link to the creator. Through the millennium, these beings not only adapted well but thrive and populated earth. More than once the population had to be control via natural disaster. Of course of late the visit has been less as these beings are begining to question their existence in this universe. Are we still in touch with creator? Of course, unless you are an atheist.

Another one bites the dust

Today is the last day of my neighbourhood bakery. It started some 23 years ago when this area here was still a new estate. Today, you have to cruise around the 400 odd lots for a parking. The bakery is run by 4 siblings. The smell the freshly baked bread wafted along the 5 foot way as you make your way to the supermarket. Very traditional no fancy names but the dough is just so old fashion chewy and delicious. I like the walnut bread best. My children, the doughnut. I had to walk in today and make my last purchase before it's close for good. They are getting on with age the oldest brother in his 60s. The next generation has all chosen the career paths. Not in the bakery field though.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Ann has been dating Sam for the last 3 years. An accountant he broke off with his then girlfriend to be with Ann. He could relate better to Ann, so he confided. Though many years her senior, they share the same passion and while Anns loves to listen to him talk about work, he loves the little attention from Ann, a hello call, a suprise gifts when he least expects it.

Conversation over tea:

Ann: He has not been honest with me. He has been seeing someone else recently. When question, he denied and brushed it off as been over suspicious. He hardly calls. And when it does, he sounded cold. Busy. Looking for greener pasture more like it. Time to face reality and move on. When he can leave others for me, he can just do the same to me. ***sigh***

Friday, January 26, 2007

Where have all the flowers gone.

Gentlemen and ladies don't drive. Neither do they take the public transport. I wonder what became of them. Guess they are all in retirement homes. Today is the world of loud 'me first'men and ' it's my right' women. I wonder what the generation would be like.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


In the 40s spend a decade running the household full time . Holding several positions, from tutor to seamstress to mention a few. In the good company of laughters and recipes. What are the prospect like to go for a second career? To once again be part of this fast talking quick paced technology world. Will there be a place for 'back to work' mum? Hmmm.....

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Older wiser

Only on tuesday, it has been reported that older women prefers younger younger men for all the wrong reasons. Well I am glad today, Ms Irene Ng an MP has come forth at such apt time to debunk this sillly notion. At 43 she has chosen a 62 year old gentleman to be her life partner.
Older women if I may consider 43 in the region of the very mature women prefers men that are able to hold intelligent conversation. Enjoys the company of a strong yet gentle nature in an older man. The sound and wise advise of an experienced men. Of course this does not applies to all the silly 60s and 70s with biological of a 18 year old!!! Going through their 2nd childhood cos' then they were busy behaving like 30s.

One should grow mature gracefully and not try sooo.....very hard to look and behave like an 18 year old. Your time came and went so enjoy the current status quo and live life to the fullest.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nurse : Dr Leong's office. Can I help?
Worried:Mrs ...... here. Can I have a word with Dr Leong?

Nurse :May I have your full name and what is it regarding?

Worried: My name is...... and I am his personal friend
Dr Leong: Hello, Mrs .......? Do I know you????
Embarassed: Hi! your neighbour? 20 year ago? Same school.
Dr Leong: Ohh...I remember. St Xavier's Institution. You are Mrs
Relieved: Actually it's about my dad.......

Monday, January 15, 2007

Transfat, polysaturated, monosaturated......

In short, lets not try to hard to figure out what to butter that piece of toast with butter or margarine. Marmalade or peanut butter.
The best solution is to go back to our asian roots. Growing up at granpa's home had been clear watery porridge with bits of fried ikan bilis and steam fish with a dash of soya is the standard fare. Salted egg and pickled vegetable to compliment the otherwise blant taste of porridge. Once awhile on weekends it's stew port belly with tofu and mushrooms.

Wouldn't this make a healthier choice? Hmm......

Owl time

Her schedule for me to keep in my handbag
Empty nest? It's slowly seeping in. Begining with my eldest. Since school term started, MDD has been out of the house at the break of dawn, 6.15 a.m. and normally not back till the owl goes hunting. Attending JC is more demanding then holding a full time job. And the 'O' level result is not even out yet. Nevertheless, She is enjoying every minute of the schedule.

This is where the mobile phone comes in handy. That is if she turns it on.
A transitional period for me.

Lemon cake

Yes! shan liked my lemon cake. She has given me the green light to make another. Slightly sourish. Shan thought it tasted more like cheese cake. Credit must be given to joyofbaking for the recipe.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Singapore Girl

Her traditional baju kebaya, a glimpse into the traditional custom
One of simplicity yet rich in culture and heritage
One that is not tranished by the modern opulence
One of gentle charm
One of genuine concern

A smile that oozes out understanding
My singapore girl epitomizes all quality asian .

Soon to be lost in transition
Into yet another poster girl
Soon only memories are what is left

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A ride

Going through our life is like a learner on his 1st driving lesson. Unpredictable jerky acceleration then slowing down when the road is clear.
We accelerated through childhood as we needed to be heard.
Breezed pass our teenage years cos' we need to be recognised
Then just as we pass this juncture and comfortable into middle age we contemplate on our past.
Wished we had savoured every bit of childhood.
Wished we had cherished those moments we spent with our now departed loved ones.
Reminsced on our carefree days of love and silly antics.
Remorsed on all those times we did not heed sound advise nor care to choose carefully at every junction of life.

Unfortunately there is no reverse gear in this gearbox of life.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


He threw in the towel!!! Urrgh.... now the public will be deprived all the rest of the juicy bits of bone picking.
What next? Is he finally admitting to all the charges? Does that mean he is going to be fined? Jail?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


It has taken so long to forget and move on. Now once again we are being reminded again. How touched how guilty we felt by the glib tongue and clever marketing. We open our hearts to those poor soul their faces so painfully pleading - help.
Truly a remarkle man who has sucessfully live opulently on our charity.

Yet he smiles and shows no remorse as he attends the court hearings day after day. Yet there are lawyers who believe that he has done no wrong.

I fail to understand.

banyan tree

Searched the web for more information on exactly what is a banyan tree and found this.
It's in the family of fig. Seeds are deposited usually by birds on tree trunks. There it germinates takes roots and slowly descend over the trunk of the host seeking out the soil below. Upon reaching the ground, the roots rapidly thicken and lignify. Creating a lattice round the host as the roots fused when cross each other. Competing with the host for light, water and nutrient and preventing the host trunk to grow. Eventually the host dies and rots away leaving the fig self supporting as an ordinary tree, but with a tubular lattice of lignified roots instead of a trunk. For this reason banyans are often referred to as strangler figs.

More of a parasite plant to me. Only this tree kills the host. yikes!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Orange cake

A brand new year and a new challenge. Baking. Searched the web and finally found a simple orange butter cake recipe. Reminded me of the times when mum used to bake. Butter cake my favourite. Healthy cos' it has just
2 eggs
115g of butter
120ml of orange juice
170g self-raising flour
170g sugar brown

Now to look for interesting icing for the cake.
Any suggestion?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The driving

It's the 1st day of school MDH paranoid about being stuck at the most feared Bt Timah traffic jam, Mei alighted at her JC exactly at 6.25 a.m. One hour before school begins!!!
Poor shan had to wait patiently for 55min before she was let off at her school.
This is definately not a good arrangement.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu

It has been a year of friendship and family for me.
Made new aquintances over the worldwide web.
Met up with many many of my relatives and cousins most I have lost contact for the last 15 years.
Blessed am I to have acquintances and friends to accompany through 2006
My wish to all