Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another one bites the dust

Today is the last day of my neighbourhood bakery. It started some 23 years ago when this area here was still a new estate. Today, you have to cruise around the 400 odd lots for a parking. The bakery is run by 4 siblings. The smell the freshly baked bread wafted along the 5 foot way as you make your way to the supermarket. Very traditional no fancy names but the dough is just so old fashion chewy and delicious. I like the walnut bread best. My children, the doughnut. I had to walk in today and make my last purchase before it's close for good. They are getting on with age the oldest brother in his 60s. The next generation has all chosen the career paths. Not in the bakery field though.

1 comment:

FH2o said...

That's sad to hear ... what a loss and waste.

I hope that the next generation has chosen wisely but somehow I don't think they had.

But then again what do I know?