Monday, November 30, 2009

My crown

And with this crown I thee place,
Of gold alloy top with porcelain white
No more nuts, Ah... I'll miss this munchie
No more cracking and sucking on that bone
But what is finger licking good without cartilage?
My precious crown, may you keep my smile
lasting and my mouth, pain free

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Youngest has gone on a short trip up north with her dad. He, for a gathering while she, to get her identity card done. A rare chance of a father and daughter bonding trip. Meanwhile, eldest is feeling the unusual quietness at home. Her absence is felt.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Safari @ Night

An excuse and a reason took me sightseeing. Cousin was here for her 2nd visit in more than 20 years. I was busy during the day. A visit to the Night Safari was the best way to introduce Singapore to her. A first for me too. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening walking and riding on the tram in the cool jungle breeze. A nice change from the hot and humid walk at the Day zoo. Had anticipated mozzies bites but their buzzing were no where to be heard. Strange. Getting the little beavers to perform @ the animal show was unique, entertaining but most of all educating. Only wishing the park had more walking trails.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hay Please

When rabbit came to our home little did I know, he was going to be our little composter too. Eldest was quite adamant that this dwarf rabbit eats nothing but pellets & hay. However, the rest of the family members,(me in particular) Just could not resist treating him with a little carrot/apple strips. Soon it was odds and ends of radish peels, sweet potatoes, bean sprouts, ends of chye sim, kangkong. Any greens on the day's menu. The only problem is, all his droppings & peepee are done on the paper pellet covered potty. Making picking of 'fertilizer' messy. Rabbits like to keep their surrounding clean & dry and does their business in a designated space.
HOWEVER, today while buying hay at the pet shop, I was warned that eating too much 'fresh green' will upset the tummy!!!! It may DIE!!!! Hay should make up 90% of it's diet, and not the other way round.
There goes my composter/food vacuum.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

All that glitters

Our forefathers knew it all along. The value of gold. Today it's at US$1 082/oz. An all time high and set to go higher as more are losing confidence in currency trading in face of the uncertain financial outlook.
And the younger generation thinks the colour of gold too flashy, too yellow and too unglamourous. Well, soon it's be too expensive. It's been a long time since I pampered myself with a piece of gold trinket. Now it'll have to be even longer.