Monday, April 28, 2008

Apple ice cream pie

Picture courtesy of jchionh's photostream

All time favourite dessert, Apple Pie. Han's eatery in my opnion still makes delicious apple pie in Singapore. I like the pastry. Not crumbly nor flaky. Most would eat it with a scoop of ice cream topping but here's the all-in-one version. Apple pie ice cream from Island Creamery. Stopped by this outlet on the way home on saturday and spotted this flavour. Bits and bites of apple, hint of cinnamon and even junks of pastry! It's what you get when you mix mashed up apple pie with a good quality vanilla ice cream. Put it back into the freeze for an hour or two.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Writing and Reading

I may not be a columnist or a writer, to see my work of art in print, but blogging gives this delight.
Comments left behind, gives the joy that my piece has been read, dissected and pondered on. Writing and publishing on the world wide web gives the encouragement to produce a good piece of work. Keeping the flair for writing alive. Stimulating the mind and keeping abreast on the constant happenings around us.
I may not be Aunt Agony, but reading and commenting on blogger's writes gives me a chance to share, comfort and encourage others.
Reading others' write enlightment, awed, educate, inspire and most of all connects me with other wonderful bloggers which otherwise might never knew of their existence.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nail biting pain

The two girls are home today. Eldest, down with the flu bug while, youngest, another very bad bout of tummy ache. Suspect the reason is her unconscious nail biting habit. Started at 6, tried Mentholatum cream to discourage her, during the school holidays, varnished her nails but never did break this habit for long. Admitted to me that she tend to bit her nails when nervous or anxious. Especially in school when the teacher is shouting and screaming in class. This time round, the pain suppression given by the doctor don't seem to be working. Blessing in disguise? I really hope so.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yellow snail

With a fold and a tuck, and it's a fish with a swishy tail
With more folds and more tucks, it becomes a little snail
The magic of Origami.

Fountain of ink

The traditional desk in my school eons ago had a rounded depression for the ink pot. At primary 5, we were taught to use fountain pen. A messy affair for some. Ink spill, blotted pages and horrible smear if not written at a constant pace. Thank goodness for ball pens. However, recently this petit pilot caught my eye. Bought one and now am hooked on fountain pen. Surprisingly, for the price, it write very well. Comes in assortment of colours. Have a try, you might rediscover the love of writing.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Putu Mayong

A lost trade. In Singapore, it comes out from packets onto the steamer. While in Penang at the Pulau Tikus market, it's made fresh. The freshly grated coconut and the brown sugar sprinkle on this warm freshly made rice mesh makes this simple fare so delicious. Many have blogged about this seller. Long queue when I was there.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


At Abbo Siti Lane in Penang, found this attap house sandwich between two block of shophouses. Wondered what is the story behind this predicament.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Did not find the durian spread chen blogged about but found this on the shelves of Cold Storage at the Curve, KL. Marmite breadstick. What next would I find on the shelves? Hmmm.....


Broken hearted one morning, when we found sleek shiny black Salem's front leg badly injured. The residents' pet . Must have been involved in an accident. Swollen and dangling hobbling weakly. Called the SPCA. Hoping that something could be done before it got worse. On the way out, just in time to see the SPCA truck arriving. Officer had a look at the injured. Patted, caressed and checked. Not for the injury, a very healthy cat. Had to make a decision. Officer confirmed that, it would most probably be put down, if he takes it back. Leave it alone, it might have a remote chance of recovery and live. Suffering in pain though. Had to make a decision. Officer,assured that he would come again if it gets worse. At 5pm on my way out, spotted the SPCA van. Driving out of the drive way. Have not seen Salem since. Someone else must have made the phone call.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Where it all started. My maternal grandpa, Ng Yean. Taking over from his father, he continued with his business acutement amass acres upon acres of land, converting them into rubber plantation. Then, in the 1940s, there was a high demand for rubber. Became a very influentially wealthy man in Bentong. 3 wives, 11 sons and 8 girls in two shop houses situated at the heart of Bentong town. Town with 3 main roads. Sadly his love for drinking brought him to his untimely death at the age of 44. Suddenly the children had free reign to the till which, up to then was tightly controlled. In a short span of 20 years, the rubber plantation gone, save for a few acres. Today, most of the decendants have only memories and precious pictures of the glorious days. The shop now still stands. Faded but faithfully as it had for the last 100 years. Watching the passing of time.
Visited grandpa's grave for the 1st time last sunday. A first too, for my parents, brother and my uncle, grandpa's 11th and youngest son. My 2nd visit to Bentong. Could not resist picking up the smelly latex cup. This smelly latex that has made travelling round the world and beyond a breeze.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Midnight bloom

Only at midnight does it open in full bloom. Flower of the night, epiphyllum strictum. Somehow, I have yet to see it in all it's glorious bloom. Even in the dead of the night, there is still beauty to feast the eyes of the nocturnal creatures.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Over the PA system on the way back to Singapore via SQ " all singaporeans and residents, welcome home" When residing in a foreign land, it's really heart warming to hear this. Bring tears to my eyes, to know that residents are just as welcome as citizens.
Upon my arrival in Penang, my" food parcel" was found to be missing!!! Together in the parcel was my cosmetic pouch and my sneakers. That was sunday morning. By 7pm there was still no news on where my parcel could be. So for the first time, I went home bearing no goodies. It was not until the next evening at 6.30pm when my parcel finally arrived. Apparently, it was left behind at Changi Airport. My frozen Kong Guan vegetable and yam buns was still in good conditions! It was still cool. Yes, dad's favourite.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Take off....

Will be flying back to Penang come sunday. Dad will be 68 come 8th april. Being a very traditional teochew, to him joy is to see the whole family home. Home to celebrate any important family events. Brother has been relocated to Kuala Lumpur while I, in Singapore. As one grows older, it's a delight when families and loved ones make effort to come together and celebrate a birthday, wedding or festive event. An excuse and a reason. Far flung and shrinking families make coming together even more meaningful.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


While in Japan, I woke up at 5.30am to see how my host lady preparing lunchbox for her son and husband.

At 6, being a december child, she was just too timid to buy during recess. Besides, she might spilt the bowl of warm fishball noodle. Dutifully, I would pack her, and later son, their lunchboxes. After a year, it was on odd days. two days for her buy from the canteen. As they entered secondary school, the lunchboxes stopped. Then, busy and inexperience, it was assorted fillings of bread, cakes or chicken pies/puffs.

When youngest, started her primary school, the same routine continued. This time, more creative. At primary 3, on swimming lesson days, fried rice(delibrately set aside from the night before), ham or egg mayo sandwich. Every swimmer would know that after an hour of strenous practise in the 9am cold water, one gets famished. Most mums I gather do not swim. As a parent volunteer for this programme, I see some children, eating a pack of cereal, a pack of twisties, a butter bun or just a packet of milk. How they envied their friends chomping of ham/egg sandwiches or other homemade food lovingly prepared by mums. Many occassion, youngest would share her food with others. Once her friend asked earnestly, if I could also prepare a box for her on swimming day. Her mother, a teacher in another school is just too busy in the mornings.
That was 3 years ago. Yesterday, youngest came home and related this to me.
Her friend Sharon would check her lunchbox as they walk to the canteen and asked if youngest is having it otherwise, she would give youngest S$1, her pocket money, for her to buy something from the canteen while she will have her lunchbox.
I am sure many would love to have lunchbox prepared by the mums now and then. Just a simple preparations of food does tell how much thought and love mum has for her child. Even eldest now request for a lunch box. Why? she is too lazy to queue. AND she gets to save her pocketmoney!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


It has been a week since reading the article on the unfortunate horrific crash that has left a 3 month old suddenly alone in this world. With the care and concern of the paternal and maternal families, I hope she will grow up in a loving and caring enviroment. With 3 children of my own, the innocent eldest 18, playful son 16 and naive youngest 11-there are still so much more I want to tell them. Children these days are just too busy. Busy with acquiring knowledge,on just about everything except on the basic survival, pursuing their passion and bonding with their friends, it's hard to find a quiet time. Many a times knowledge is acquired through observation. Spending quiet time at home and helping out in daily chores. These are the expriences that makes each, unique. Only youngest, follows me on supermarket trips. She knows which are the brand of items we normally buy, how to choose a fish or dad's favourite snack. When son is asked to buy a loaf of bread, I have to give him the bread wrapper as sample!! My eldest, only last night she learnt how to cut a starfruit!! Surprised when MDH commented that the pips have to be removed. "How??" she asked.