Friday, April 11, 2008


Over the PA system on the way back to Singapore via SQ " all singaporeans and residents, welcome home" When residing in a foreign land, it's really heart warming to hear this. Bring tears to my eyes, to know that residents are just as welcome as citizens.
Upon my arrival in Penang, my" food parcel" was found to be missing!!! Together in the parcel was my cosmetic pouch and my sneakers. That was sunday morning. By 7pm there was still no news on where my parcel could be. So for the first time, I went home bearing no goodies. It was not until the next evening at 6.30pm when my parcel finally arrived. Apparently, it was left behind at Changi Airport. My frozen Kong Guan vegetable and yam buns was still in good conditions! It was still cool. Yes, dad's favourite.


doc said...

sounds like you had a good time with the family.

stay-at-home mum said...

So glad you eventually got your food parcel. Its such a pain that there are so many things you cant carry on board nowadays.
MIL had her homemade jam confiscated, when she came back from perth. She was afraid to pack it for fear of the bottle breaking,and they said it was a gel like substance which could not be taken on board!!

Iml said...

Quality time actually. Mon, accompanied mum to GH for blood test. Tues, accompanied dad to GH for blood test.

Exactly!!! Do we look threatening? Then again, looks could be deceiving.