Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fountain of ink

The traditional desk in my school eons ago had a rounded depression for the ink pot. At primary 5, we were taught to use fountain pen. A messy affair for some. Ink spill, blotted pages and horrible smear if not written at a constant pace. Thank goodness for ball pens. However, recently this petit pilot caught my eye. Bought one and now am hooked on fountain pen. Surprisingly, for the price, it write very well. Comes in assortment of colours. Have a try, you might rediscover the love of writing.


stay-at-home mum said...

I remember those messy writing pages of mine using the fountain pen too well!! Now they dont teach the kids to use fountain pens in school at all - which explains their horrible handwriting - or is it the genes??

TZ said...

I don't like fountain pen... i have sweaty palm and always mess up what i had written... :-(

Iml said...

School children today have no time to learn the finer things in life. Handwriting? It's the genes.

Yes, it can be messy with sweaty hands. It's quite an art,learning to write with a fountain pen.