Friday, April 18, 2008


Broken hearted one morning, when we found sleek shiny black Salem's front leg badly injured. The residents' pet . Must have been involved in an accident. Swollen and dangling hobbling weakly. Called the SPCA. Hoping that something could be done before it got worse. On the way out, just in time to see the SPCA truck arriving. Officer had a look at the injured. Patted, caressed and checked. Not for the injury, a very healthy cat. Had to make a decision. Officer confirmed that, it would most probably be put down, if he takes it back. Leave it alone, it might have a remote chance of recovery and live. Suffering in pain though. Had to make a decision. Officer,assured that he would come again if it gets worse. At 5pm on my way out, spotted the SPCA van. Driving out of the drive way. Have not seen Salem since. Someone else must have made the phone call.


stay-at-home mum said...

R.I.P. Salem.

Used to have a few pet cats when I was young. However, dont feel the same towards cats now. Whenever I see the neighbourhood cat wondering into my house, I would shoo it away. Too much cat poo in the garden, fried fish gone missing a number of times, (coz we tend to leave the kitchen door open), messed up bin, (coz cat has toppled it over), and a few kitten births in my house(and the mess as a result). and it's not even my cat.

Iml said...

I understand your predicament. My mum at home has this problem too.
This is the result of the wild trying to adapt for survival.

TZ said...

Wow! you managed to talk to Salem... Sabrina's cat LoL :-p

I don't like those wild cats on the street, they poo, they steal and they...

Iml said...

Yep. What to do, we human has taken over their hunting ground.

Along-1o9 said...

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Iml said...

Hi! Thanks for the introduction. I see you like corresponding. So do I.