Friday, April 04, 2008

Take off....

Will be flying back to Penang come sunday. Dad will be 68 come 8th april. Being a very traditional teochew, to him joy is to see the whole family home. Home to celebrate any important family events. Brother has been relocated to Kuala Lumpur while I, in Singapore. As one grows older, it's a delight when families and loved ones make effort to come together and celebrate a birthday, wedding or festive event. An excuse and a reason. Far flung and shrinking families make coming together even more meaningful.


stay-at-home mum said...

How about the children? Do they go too?

Enjoy catching up with your family.

Happy Birthday to IML's daddy!!

PS - being traditional teochews , does he eat the sweet mee sua and eggs? My dad still must have it for his birthday.

FH2o said...

Happy Birthday Wishes to your dad.
It's always nice to get together and catch up with the whole family. I look forward to such ocassions.

Las montañas said...

wow, your dad is still young!

agreed. need to make time for each other; as we are on borrowed time and with each passing day, we are nearer the day of reckoning.

Iml said...

Children has to stay back :(
Yes,the birthday boys gets has a bowl of meesua with a drumstick. A birthday cake too is a must in our family.

So nice to have you drop by!!!
I get to catch up with all the latest news from mum aka gossips!!

You are right. A seemingly healthy, hearty practising doc at 66 suddenly went quiet, froth on the mouth by the time arrived at the A&E, too late. Time of departure is never announced.

seefei said...

u travelling from lil dot to pearl of the orient this weekend? very far but nothing beat the feeling of family togetherness.

btw, your dad is only 3 yr younger than my elder sis. must call your dad go-go if i ever meet him muahahaha.....

Iml said...

Wow!!! how old are you? Either that or the age gap between you siblings must be wide. At the airport now using the free internet service :)

seefei said...

you are right on the 2nd count!