Thursday, January 31, 2008

Web of transmission

This handy little gadget is making the brain goes mush
(Yikes!!...How am I going to meet him, if he does not carry one with him?)
Emotion goes haywire with anger, impatience and frustration in it's absence(Arrgh..... why is not picking up????)
Eyes constantly on the look out for updates
(Why has he not responded yet?????)
Skin on stand by to any sensation
(Hmm.....Is that vibration coming from the bag? )
Ears alert everytime a melody goes off
(Is that for me?)
Our fingers goes twitching everytime they're left to idle.
(tick tack toe here I come!!)
A sense of helplessness when it's not around.
(Oh....Feel like in the deepest darkest Amazon Jungle lost and uncontactable!!!)
The human race has survived, thrived and achieved so much much more long before the existence of this gizmo dominated our lives.

Big Fish small fish

In the straitstimes today, "A Carpark operator sued a Mr Tan for $600 for damaging it's wheel clamp. He allegedly drove off in his car with the clamp still attached.
Case was brought before a mediation judge and Mr Tan agreed to pay Operator $3,000. Deal fell through over payment procedures and his refusal to sign a press statement that the Operator had a right to clamp illegally parked cars.

Operator then went to district court and got a default judgement against Mr Tan for $5,000. An addition $2,000 in court cost. Mr Tan filed an appeal and judgement was set aside. Not satisfied, the operator pushed it's case through succesively higher courts finally the court of appeal. Two days before the hearing, the Operator sought to withdraw the case, but the session was held to decide on the costs it had to pay Mr Tan's lawyer for the work they had done. All in all A whopping $36,000 spent. Failure at the lowers courts set it back by $1,600 in cost, in addition to some $30,000 in legal fees for court hearings spanning three years. With the $5,000 in costs included, the Operator would have spent some $36,000 to get the $3,000 due from Mr Tan."

Judge of Appeal, in writing on the court's behalf , said the Operator had already used up two chances to apply for leave to appeal under the law, so lawyers Needed to think seriouly about 'adverse consequences ' before advising their clients to take the route to the Appeal Courts.

Question: Who stand to gain most in pursuing the case?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pyjamas Learning

11 year old daughter is having a two day ' Home e-learning' starting today. By post if the student has no access to the computer. The 2nd year the school has conducted this programme? A refreshing change. Woke up at 7 a.m. after breakfast, in her comfy pyjamas, she signed in. Followed through each lesson according to the time allotted for each subject. Even a half hour break for 'recess'. However, not all parents are in favour of the arrangement. Disrupt their daily work routine. Conveniently scheduled on a tuesday and wednesday for the obvious reason

Monday, January 28, 2008

Far and wide

Cousin number 8 (according to the father's seniority amongst the siblings) of 26 is finally getting married. With this our Tan clan is nearly international. First non chinese to join, an Indonesian and a German aunt. Followed by a Hong Konger Mariner, Burmese physicist, English music teacher, Irish Miner and an American lawyer uncle.
First cousin-in-law to join us is a Fijian Hong konger. Next, an American archaeologist , two Singaporean accountants, a German fund manager and the latest a Swiss risk analyst.

With 6 uncles and 5 aunts, the family genes have spread far and wide. It has been a long long time since we have all met up. In fact, due to work commitments and timing, some of us have not met for the last 25 years. Not since our paternal grandparents departed. Some day, our children may become good friends and not realised they are related. How small this world is. And it all started with a couple from China venturing out into the vast unknown seeking a bearable life.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Being Positive

Frustration can sometimes lead to more productive action than anger. Not taking anymore appointments even though I had called 4 weeks in advance. Have not been a loyal customer probably. Armed with a list of basic tools, to the nearest pharmacy, found the items, paid and started working on it. Pedicure.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Fishmonger

There are husbands who encourage their better half to seek growth needs or self actualization and there are husbands who just would not hear of such nonsense.
He works hard to bring home the bacon while dear wife keeps the dwelling spick-and-span, the 2 children darlings to all. As the younger 12, is more independant, she had hoped to widen her horizon. Very hopeful when she was encouraged to attend a subsidised course on early childhood education, after being a temporary help at a kindergarten. With the certificate, she would be qualified as a kindergarten teacher. A half day job. Home in time to be with children and run the household. An opportunity to earn, learn and be independant. In preparation for the empty nest syndrome. Husband snubbed her. She does not have the time. After such a long hiatus it'll be tough studying again. Besides it's her 1st duty to be at the children's beck and call.
She ventured no further.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


She at 44, spends most of her time behind the wheels, driving, on the comfy couch, watching, over a cuppa coffee, chatting. Over christmas and the holidays she put on 5kg, she confessed. This year, she is trying very hard not to hit the bed after seeing the children off to school. Keeping herself awake and up by having more brunch meeting with her girlfriends Being concern, persuaded her to join me for the once a week morning stretching class. Will do her wonders to perk her up gently, oxygenate her mind and invigorate her body. She promised to give it a try. On the morning of the class last week, she called, not feeling well. This week she called, not up to it. I am dissapointed.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Imparting knowledge to the young today is indeed very trying today.
A sound knowledge, the ability to
hold their attention,
motivate them to seek further
convince them they are able,
be in control of the class,
be stern to discipline the class
and caring when they are loss.
And in return, as parents we must give them their undue respect
Have been out with the Pri 4 class on field trips and it's a task when the teacher is unable to control the class. Parents too plays an important role. At no time should a parent belittle a teacher's action or words in front of the child. Sort it out with the teacher in private. Give them the benefit of the doubt. If we can go berserk teaching just one child imagine teaching 40!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Fallen eagle

A nobel proffession. To uphold justice. To speak out for the under privilege. To arbirate just and equality to all. Slowly it's crumbling. As one by one goes weak. The latest being an experienced Singaporean arbitration lawyer. A visiting lecturer, recognised as one of the top arbitration lawyers in Asia. Earning, reportedly S$550,000 a year. Stealing S$1,800 from an unlocked hotel room. Looking for some adrenalin rush?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ps and Qs

Graciousnes is only possible when one is magnanimous. No doubt, singaporeans ranked among the most generous when it comes to monetary donation. Many for a reason. But when it comes to Time and Rights, are we magnamimous enough to allow the shopper, holding only a load of bread, behind your full to the brim trolley to go ahead of you? Some are so dead set against their "Rights" would rant and rant over small inconviences. Clearly seen when the 'No Bag Day' was implemented. And when there are freebies to be distributed. There's a stampede. Question. Do we really need the goodie bag? Or is it the need to possess, showoff or brag?
Monkey see Monkey do
Unless we, as adults are willing to make some conscious changes to our behaviour, we cannot expect miracles from the next generation. The generation that will surround us in our twilight years.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Many spent thousands on skin products for a youthful flawless supple skin. As we go about our daily routine, a quick dash out for lunch or a saturday morning walk along Orhard Road, we fail to take the necessary precaution. Major cause of this premature skin aging is the sun's ray . In Australia and in Japan, most women, as they leave their home, an umbrella on one hand a hat on the other. Yet, hat wearing is still not a norm here. Why are we not wearing hats? It'll ruin of immaculate coiffed hair maybe?

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Retirement means death! It's true, when one choose to

spend the day and everyday with Animal planet, Discovery, Hallmark channel
Exercise, walking from the bedroom to the livingroom
keep friends at bay for, reasons best known to them
Do nothing remember nothing for, that's what retirement is all about
but, hey, wasn't it not too long ago,
eagerly await for retirement to
travel to far flung destinations at leisure, experience the culture, the lifestyle
tinker and potter around the stuff amassed in the storeroom awaiting this day
take up a new sport, hobby, musical instrument maybe

So what when wrong?

Saturday, January 12, 2008


A surprise parcel arrived on thursday. From my thoughtful japanese homestay hostess. Most japanese visits the temple during the new year for blessing and also little cute omamori. charms to carry with them. She sent 5, one for each one of us. For a good health and a blessed year ahead. Sweet cakes and noodles not forgetting chewing gums for the children. Thought we only knew each other for 6 days, but she has been very kind to allow a strange to enter her home and into their lives. Seriously wondering what to reciprocate with. Bak kwa and love letters?

Monday, January 07, 2008


Reading one's thoughts and aspirations, daily ups and downs, woes and triumphs sometimes forms an invisible comradeship among bloggers. Unconsciously, checking the feeds or page now and then. Hoping to read the latest happenings. Jubilate with them on a piece of good news, a word of comfort when things are down, a friendly advice whenever, there is a need.
And when suddenly, abruptly, the writing stops. No more updates. A sudden departure without a proper conclusion to the writing, anxiety ensue. Perfectly aware of the No Obligation and No liabilities, one cannot help but wonder. After all we are only human. Human with feelings and compassion.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Finally the bug has infected me. After breakfast, before bedtime, while waiting in the car. Every sunday, eagerly waiting for the papers, am I good enought this time round to accomplished the week's 5*s intrigue in record time. Sudoku.
While dad was here recuperating, he would sit for hours solving puzzle after puzzle. I could not comprehend how a scattered numbers of here and there could keep him so engrossed as I Never had an affinity for numbers. I had to find out. It could not be so difficult. If anyone can do it.
And I did. Nothing but only 5*s will do. Not only does the brain gets twisted in every angle, the eyes roving round and round. A determination not to speculate when cornered. Even Charming coral fell into the spell. She sits beside me, scan the puzzle. Just as the elusive number has been put into position, I will pass it to her to tie up the loose ends. She would be totally exhilarated by her accomplishment.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Day one

Charming coral could not sleep last night. Had butterflies in her tummy. Checked and double checked to make sure she had her class right. This year, the Primary 5 class allocation was posted on the school website. Matter was made worse, when she realised that none of the friends she called were in her class. 39 new friends? This morning, was up before the alarm. A long day for all as this year Primary 5 morning session will still be helping out the Primary one, afternoon session during recess. Buddy system. Pairing with the 7 year olds to buy food during recess and eating with them. Making sure they feel as ease with an older sister beside them.
Eldest checking and rechecking for the latest time table updates on the web. Apprehensive as now on, it's 10 months to 'A' level.
Son, looking forward to his table tennis practise and the up coming inter-school competition.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


It's movie night. Popcorn, chips and root beer . Spend the evening at home with family to usher in the New Year. A family together from one year to another.
This year, Eldest will be sitting for her 'A' level while son, his 'O'. Youngest will be busy training for the table tennis for the inter school competition in starting in Feb.