Sunday, January 06, 2008


Finally the bug has infected me. After breakfast, before bedtime, while waiting in the car. Every sunday, eagerly waiting for the papers, am I good enought this time round to accomplished the week's 5*s intrigue in record time. Sudoku.
While dad was here recuperating, he would sit for hours solving puzzle after puzzle. I could not comprehend how a scattered numbers of here and there could keep him so engrossed as I Never had an affinity for numbers. I had to find out. It could not be so difficult. If anyone can do it.
And I did. Nothing but only 5*s will do. Not only does the brain gets twisted in every angle, the eyes roving round and round. A determination not to speculate when cornered. Even Charming coral fell into the spell. She sits beside me, scan the puzzle. Just as the elusive number has been put into position, I will pass it to her to tie up the loose ends. She would be totally exhilarated by her accomplishment.


pretzel said...

... but after a while, the head will start aching.. probably due to overstraining the eyes, staring at all the numbers in the boxes... *bleah*

Keropok Man said...

my nieces and nephews are so good at this. after explaining it to them like last year, the last we saw a puzzle, they could solve it faster than me!

Iml said...

When that happens, and many atimes too, I admit defeat, shut the book and call a day.

Keropok Man
Young minds are more agile!

doc said...

it's supposed to be addictive, but why am i the only one in the family (also the one with the oldest brain) trying to solve them with religious fervour??

stay-at-home mum said...

My daughter and I fight over it sometimes to see who gets to do it - we are both addicted to it! I usually let her do the easier ones, or finish off the difficult ones after I have solved most of it - or when I am at a lost, she helps out!

Iml said...

It's said that sudoku keeps the grey matter in tip top condition! That is the reason why my dad is so hooked on it.

You too? Welcome to the sudoku club!