Wednesday, January 23, 2008


She at 44, spends most of her time behind the wheels, driving, on the comfy couch, watching, over a cuppa coffee, chatting. Over christmas and the holidays she put on 5kg, she confessed. This year, she is trying very hard not to hit the bed after seeing the children off to school. Keeping herself awake and up by having more brunch meeting with her girlfriends Being concern, persuaded her to join me for the once a week morning stretching class. Will do her wonders to perk her up gently, oxygenate her mind and invigorate her body. She promised to give it a try. On the morning of the class last week, she called, not feeling well. This week she called, not up to it. I am dissapointed.


stay-at-home mum said...

Not sure how much weight I put on over christmas, but the jeans sure feel a little tighter.
Maybe I should do this morning exercise thingey too. Did tell myself that I will start after CNY (coz so many things to do now in prep for it). U talking about me??

Iml said...

Never too late to start exercising for a supple body. The thought of backaches and joint aches frightens me. You are most welcome to join the stretch class with me.

doc said...

the back & joint aches are usually temporary. once the body gets used to the new stresses & strains, which may take weeks to get accustomed to, all will be ok.