Thursday, January 31, 2008

Web of transmission

This handy little gadget is making the brain goes mush
(Yikes!!...How am I going to meet him, if he does not carry one with him?)
Emotion goes haywire with anger, impatience and frustration in it's absence(Arrgh..... why is not picking up????)
Eyes constantly on the look out for updates
(Why has he not responded yet?????)
Skin on stand by to any sensation
(Hmm.....Is that vibration coming from the bag? )
Ears alert everytime a melody goes off
(Is that for me?)
Our fingers goes twitching everytime they're left to idle.
(tick tack toe here I come!!)
A sense of helplessness when it's not around.
(Oh....Feel like in the deepest darkest Amazon Jungle lost and uncontactable!!!)
The human race has survived, thrived and achieved so much much more long before the existence of this gizmo dominated our lives.

1 comment:

stay-at-home mum said...

And to think we all survived without "it" not so long ago. Now, our lives seem to be unable to function without "it".