Monday, January 14, 2008


Many spent thousands on skin products for a youthful flawless supple skin. As we go about our daily routine, a quick dash out for lunch or a saturday morning walk along Orhard Road, we fail to take the necessary precaution. Major cause of this premature skin aging is the sun's ray . In Australia and in Japan, most women, as they leave their home, an umbrella on one hand a hat on the other. Yet, hat wearing is still not a norm here. Why are we not wearing hats? It'll ruin of immaculate coiffed hair maybe?


stay-at-home mum said...

Now I wear sun block everyday - but still no hat or umbrella. and to think that in my younger days I would sit in the sun for hours just tanning. Now I am on the look out for growing moles - an indication of skin cancer. The foolishness of youth!

Iml said...

Just don't like the tacky feeling of the sunblock though but no choice
Ah!!the innocence of youth not a care in the world!!!

Las montañas said...

When would youth actually realise the beauty of porcelain skin?