Saturday, January 12, 2008


A surprise parcel arrived on thursday. From my thoughtful japanese homestay hostess. Most japanese visits the temple during the new year for blessing and also little cute omamori. charms to carry with them. She sent 5, one for each one of us. For a good health and a blessed year ahead. Sweet cakes and noodles not forgetting chewing gums for the children. Thought we only knew each other for 6 days, but she has been very kind to allow a strange to enter her home and into their lives. Seriously wondering what to reciprocate with. Bak kwa and love letters?


stay-at-home mum said...

Yes,how lovely of them to send you those goodies. Must reciprocate: My jap "out-laws" like chinese cookies (those resembling twisted dog poo), peanut cookies, XO sauce, pineapple tarts. Maybe your friend may like the same too!

Iml said...

Thanks a million for the tips. I have been pondering the whole of yesterday on what is appropriate gifts. Delicious and well packaged.
Packaging is everything in presenting gifts.