Sunday, January 13, 2008


Retirement means death! It's true, when one choose to

spend the day and everyday with Animal planet, Discovery, Hallmark channel
Exercise, walking from the bedroom to the livingroom
keep friends at bay for, reasons best known to them
Do nothing remember nothing for, that's what retirement is all about
but, hey, wasn't it not too long ago,
eagerly await for retirement to
travel to far flung destinations at leisure, experience the culture, the lifestyle
tinker and potter around the stuff amassed in the storeroom awaiting this day
take up a new sport, hobby, musical instrument maybe

So what when wrong?


stay-at-home mum said...

The life expectancy factor caused it all to go wrong. Previously life expectancy was shorter. Within 10 years of retirement, they returned to their maker. So the money that they had, could be spent during those 10 years from retirement. Now life expectancy much, much longer. Same amount of money expected to last 20 to 25 years. So cant afford those holidays etc. So sit home and moan, and groan, and worry. And that cmpunds the problem.

doc said...

nothing went wrong - it's just the way we are & it originated from the day Eve tasted the fruit she was warned not to.

fast-forward to 2008, we still want the green grass on the other side. while we're hard at work, we look forward to retirement & when we're finally there, we wished we could do some useful work.

we NEVER appreciate that what we really want is where we are now & what we have, till it's all lost.

& i'm equally guilty of that.

Iml said...

It's rather the inability to adapt to the new status and procrastination.

Spot on. Last evening, at the gym, this man was commenting how lucky he is, if he can afford to retire. I am sure, he did not meant it. Will he change his tune when he gets his wish? Self-esteem is very important. Some feels that once out of a job, with no subordinates at their beck and call, they are nobody.

doc said...

after reading this, i think i'm going to work till i keel over:

Iml said...

Click on the hyperlink and you can read the comments on this article. This is the transcript you might like to read.

doc said...

thanks for link/pdf. i forgot you're in s'pore.