Wednesday, June 28, 2006

cherries and woodspice

Brother Ming concluded that after all these years, old spice is still the scent for him. Unfortunately it's no longer in production. The scent that comes closest to old spice is woodspice by Marks & Spencer. Bought a bottle of woodspice body spray for him. I'll be seeing him this weekend when I make a quick trip to KL for a wedding dinner. While shopping at M&S I couldn't resist a box of the those deliciously sinful brandy soaked cherry chocolate. Not forgetting a box for aunt Irene.
Of course, my trip to M&S would not be complete without the purchase of a blouse or two. Two white blouses this time ; ) They were on sale.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rubber seeds anyone

Does anyone know where I can get rubber seeds in singapore?
It's these very seeds that my ancestors made their fortune upon
I would like to hold them in my hands

My maternal greatgrandpa came to Malaya in the 1900s,
made his fortune by owning acres of rubber plantation in Bentong Pahang
My grandpa confirmed his fortune by having 3 wives and 23 children
My uncles made a point to flaunt it till there were no more acres

My mum would tell us how women played mahjong while munching on kuah chee
The boys zoomimg around in their latest GM sport
Greatgrandma would shuffler around on her 3 inch gold
holding on to her beads praying for health and good fortune
for the house of "Man Lee"

Saturday, June 24, 2006


While in Penang, I had time to look around for some pix.

Just a weed, we trample on in our hurry and furry
Yet on closer look, god's creation, no compromise

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mom's garden

Mum tends her garden every morning before the sun gets too high above her. Lovingly she potters through the basil, mints and the assortment of local herbs. While I was there on a short holiday, the chilli padi plant kept me busy. Picking as many chilli I can. The garden has gone from a fruit orchard to a vegetable plot. At one time we had as many as 15 variety of fruits. Jackfruit, custard apple, starfruit to water melon not to mention mango and chiku. Yes, not forgetting bananas too. Never got the durian tree to fruit though. At the moment, long beans, pumpkins and local leafy greens rules the garden. Keeping mum busy and her diet, healthy.


Fancy an aquarium in a shopping mall. Visited Malaysia's latest attraction. Aquaria at the KLCC last monday. An impressive display of manta rays and sharks swimming overhead. My favourite display has to be the baby green back turtles. So much has been said but this was the first time I got a close look at one.
A refreshing change from the usual bookstores and food courts.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

20 06 2006

A date so unique.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

An event

Spent the weekend in Puchong. My cousin K. Wai got married. A significant event for me. 30 years ago I was at his parent's wedding. Last weekend I witnessed his.
May they find love, happiness, companionship and strength in each other.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

grand gathering

Home after spending a week in Penang. It was the gathering of the grands. Grandchildren visiting grandparents that is.
My mornings were usually with mum on marketing trips to the pulau tikus' popular wet market. It's here that I will visit my favourite pickle stall. From pickle lime to pickle fish stomach. My favourite: pickle fish. out of this world.
Anyone knows how this dish is prepared?

Friday, June 02, 2006

The wait

By 8.15a.m. I arrived at destination with daughter. Being unsure of the traffic condition of the area and giving myself time in case I should make a wrong turn. Finally at 9 a.m the teacher arrived and the wait began. After taking some shots and reading 30 pages of Dan brown's most talked about book, daughter emerged out of the studio at 11.30a.m.