Wednesday, June 14, 2006

grand gathering

Home after spending a week in Penang. It was the gathering of the grands. Grandchildren visiting grandparents that is.
My mornings were usually with mum on marketing trips to the pulau tikus' popular wet market. It's here that I will visit my favourite pickle stall. From pickle lime to pickle fish stomach. My favourite: pickle fish. out of this world.
Anyone knows how this dish is prepared?


FH2O said...

Sorry, not me! I only know how to eat 'em! But I'll ask the authority - my other half. ;)

carcar said...

wow yummmy! i think it must be really delicious, serious! can tell frm the picture!

pssst psss, can share the recipe once you got it?


or you cook it and invite me over? how bout that?


IML said...

well any news?

Sure, the minute I get hold of the recipe and prepared it I'll invite you over ;)

Happysurfer said...

It must be a hot/spicy dish - look at the chili padi. Yes, pls post the recipe when you get it?