Wednesday, June 28, 2006

cherries and woodspice

Brother Ming concluded that after all these years, old spice is still the scent for him. Unfortunately it's no longer in production. The scent that comes closest to old spice is woodspice by Marks & Spencer. Bought a bottle of woodspice body spray for him. I'll be seeing him this weekend when I make a quick trip to KL for a wedding dinner. While shopping at M&S I couldn't resist a box of the those deliciously sinful brandy soaked cherry chocolate. Not forgetting a box for aunt Irene.
Of course, my trip to M&S would not be complete without the purchase of a blouse or two. Two white blouses this time ; ) They were on sale.


carcar said...

hi ! i will be in kl this weekend too!

going back tomorrow night (fri) and come back on sun night!


is the choco nice? i must try then. i am still having my ritter sport now.. hehe...

and i love chocolate!!

wearing your new white blouse to the wedding leh :P

IML said...

Yep, I need a white blouse for the dinner. Though I think I like the silky black better but....
Yes, the chocolate is absolutely delightful That is if you like brandy liqueur.
I'll be going on sunday morning by aeroline. Returning on monday.
You have fun okay!!! I am sure you are looking forward to seeing mum and dad and all your friends!!!

carcar said...

haha, yeah you are absolutely correct. i just back this morning, spending fruitful time back home with my family members.

so nice, so sweet ♥