Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Walking together

In the heart of an old private estate, lies a green patch. As early as 5am in the morning, the wise and the healthy can be seen here. Some, serious joggers, deck in shorts and t-shirts pounding the pavement while others, trotting with the ears plugged in. These are normally on their own with a mission. After a certain time they would dissappeared round the corner. Yet there are those that strolls in twos or threes. Interestingly, as I breeze past them, the most common topics among the wise womenfolks are of children and grandchildren while the wise menfolks, the government and their investments. The more heated the conversation gets the longer they walk. Sometimes, this progress to a hearty breakfast at the foodcourt which is just within walking distance. At the end of the session, a load off the chest and a good exercise of the mind body and soul.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Not swayed by years of studying in a catholic school, listening to biblical stories, singing soothing hymns nor the gentle persuasion of the staunch other half. Still faithfully accompanying spouse to the weekly bible study, to church, the gatherings of the fellow believers and yet......
In turn, he spend many hours doing good to his fellow men. Rarely turning down an opportunity to help when it comes a knocking. In his hours of need, it's these good deeds that gives comfort, believing
"Do unto others as you wish them do onto you" What matters most is not the faith one believes in but the goodness and the compassion to god's creation.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Most of our forefathers arrived here for the same reason. Many with just a shirt on their back. Amongst them the good, the bad, the ugly. Together their determination and hardwork many a times in the most punishing condition, we are where and who we are today. The migrants who, in this age and time are referred as foreign labourers. Today, we depend on them to do the good, the bad and the ugly of the work descriptions. Yet, most are not able to accept them living amongst (link to the artical from ST) as a few black sheeps have made the rest a menace to the neighbours. Their presence may spoil the safe, tranquil image of the neighbourhood. I wonder what they think of our perceptions of them.

Monday, October 06, 2008


It's just less than two weeks to major exams for many. The primary 6 has started with the 1st paper, english on friday last week. Today, youngest told me that the PSLE mathematic papers must have been very tough for she witness few girls in tears coming out of the hall after the exam, while she was having her recess. This is giving her the jitters as she will be sitting for her Primary School Leaving Exam this time next year. This is the beginning of the many hurdles in life she must face to get on to the next phase and the next. Eldest sigh! Remembering the days when she too was fretting over this and hoping the exam would be over as soon as possible. Then it's Yippee!!!! it's over. A ton of Bricks of the shoulder. It did and now in less than 3 weeks she will be sitting for another major exam. 'sigh'

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Taking charge

Looking at the handsome young man walked down the isle with his ravishing bride by his side, memories of his childhood flooded back. Later, during dinner, mum related his story.

He was the youngest of the 5 boys. His mother was never home. His Dad would come home in the wee hours of the morning very drunk and violent towards the children and wife. To keep her sanity, his mother spent most of her waking hours at the mahjong tables while children were left to their own antics. The maids took care of the children's needs. One morning, at the age of 6, running a high fever, he not find mum nor the maid in the big shop house. He helped himself with the medication that was meant for his brother. The next day, he walked over to 4th aunt's house and asked if he could stay with her. Now 4th aunt had been married for many years but childless, doted on him. Gladly 4th aunt welcomed him.

A week later, at the tender age of only 6, he proudly declared to everyone that from that day forth he is the son of 4th aunt. His parents, too engrossed with their own busy life to care. Besides they already had 4 other boys. Moreover, 4th aunt was just two doors away for the row of shophouses. This was 1960s in a town situated in the jungles of Pahang.

He excelled in studies and furthered his education in Singapore. Graduating from NUS, with a degree in law. Went back to his hometown years later, to get the blessing from his two sets of parents for his marriage. However, his relationship with his natural parents were strained. Apart from the customary greeting, they hardly speak.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Far and Away

Her mother was from a small town somewhere north of the peninsular. At the age of 34 she finally seattled down with, through introduction from friends, a gentleman working in Singapore. Her priority was to start a family and within a year, adorable baby Karen arrived. Tough time for mother, as babe was constantly having coughs and colds. To aggravate the matter, little Karen was suffering from constant asthma attack. Her mother decided something has to been done to prevent further deterioration of her health. The windows in the apartment shut tight to keep the dust out. Soft toys were not allowed. No cold drinks, ice cream, fruits nor chocolate. Fast food was not on the eat-out menu.. Outing only if it's conducted by the kindergarten or later, the schools. Dad did not agreed to these arrangements but could do nothing. Soft spoken and easy going he kept quiet. Some nights upon returning home, he sees little 5 year old Karen in tears trying to finish pages and pages of chinese character writing, he would sit down and finish it for her. Without mum knowing of course. As mum did not have a good education, she took it upon her to see that little Karen excel in her studies. CCA? Librarian. Tuition and doing revision books filled her childhood and teenage years. Dad would quietly take her and sister out for an ice cream at the park or to the mall for a popcorn movie treat, much to mum's displeasure. From photos taken, one could see, who Karen loved more.

Mum's effort paid off. She was accepted into NTU and at the aged of 21 graduated with a degree in Accountancy. That same year, she got married and together with her husband and his family migrated to New Zealand.

Dad heartbroken to see his little Karen leave. Seems like only yesterday that she was a helpless babe in his arms. I believed at the bottom of his heart, he would have wished Karen all the happiness and a lifetime of adventure and living in her new life.