Sunday, October 05, 2008

Taking charge

Looking at the handsome young man walked down the isle with his ravishing bride by his side, memories of his childhood flooded back. Later, during dinner, mum related his story.

He was the youngest of the 5 boys. His mother was never home. His Dad would come home in the wee hours of the morning very drunk and violent towards the children and wife. To keep her sanity, his mother spent most of her waking hours at the mahjong tables while children were left to their own antics. The maids took care of the children's needs. One morning, at the age of 6, running a high fever, he not find mum nor the maid in the big shop house. He helped himself with the medication that was meant for his brother. The next day, he walked over to 4th aunt's house and asked if he could stay with her. Now 4th aunt had been married for many years but childless, doted on him. Gladly 4th aunt welcomed him.

A week later, at the tender age of only 6, he proudly declared to everyone that from that day forth he is the son of 4th aunt. His parents, too engrossed with their own busy life to care. Besides they already had 4 other boys. Moreover, 4th aunt was just two doors away for the row of shophouses. This was 1960s in a town situated in the jungles of Pahang.

He excelled in studies and furthered his education in Singapore. Graduating from NUS, with a degree in law. Went back to his hometown years later, to get the blessing from his two sets of parents for his marriage. However, his relationship with his natural parents were strained. Apart from the customary greeting, they hardly speak.

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