Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Walking together

In the heart of an old private estate, lies a green patch. As early as 5am in the morning, the wise and the healthy can be seen here. Some, serious joggers, deck in shorts and t-shirts pounding the pavement while others, trotting with the ears plugged in. These are normally on their own with a mission. After a certain time they would dissappeared round the corner. Yet there are those that strolls in twos or threes. Interestingly, as I breeze past them, the most common topics among the wise womenfolks are of children and grandchildren while the wise menfolks, the government and their investments. The more heated the conversation gets the longer they walk. Sometimes, this progress to a hearty breakfast at the foodcourt which is just within walking distance. At the end of the session, a load off the chest and a good exercise of the mind body and soul.


Yan said...

Your words are as refreshing as the morning breezes! Thanks for the breezes that blow this way - I also have my share of a load of the chest and a good exercise for the mind and soul!

iml said...

And your comment brightens my DaY!! Thank You.