Monday, October 06, 2008


It's just less than two weeks to major exams for many. The primary 6 has started with the 1st paper, english on friday last week. Today, youngest told me that the PSLE mathematic papers must have been very tough for she witness few girls in tears coming out of the hall after the exam, while she was having her recess. This is giving her the jitters as she will be sitting for her Primary School Leaving Exam this time next year. This is the beginning of the many hurdles in life she must face to get on to the next phase and the next. Eldest sigh! Remembering the days when she too was fretting over this and hoping the exam would be over as soon as possible. Then it's Yippee!!!! it's over. A ton of Bricks of the shoulder. It did and now in less than 3 weeks she will be sitting for another major exam. 'sigh'


stay-at-home mum said...

All the best to your children for their coming exams. My girl said that the Math paper was a little tricky but fortunately she wasnt crying at the end of it. I hope its a good sign.

iml said...

Thank you! and all the best to your daughter. Two more days to go!!!

fibrate said...

Exams are such a pain...but what to do? They are the stepping stones to better things in life, like it or not.

iml said...

Exam is the gauge of how much can be cramped into short term memory.