Friday, October 03, 2008

Far and Away

Her mother was from a small town somewhere north of the peninsular. At the age of 34 she finally seattled down with, through introduction from friends, a gentleman working in Singapore. Her priority was to start a family and within a year, adorable baby Karen arrived. Tough time for mother, as babe was constantly having coughs and colds. To aggravate the matter, little Karen was suffering from constant asthma attack. Her mother decided something has to been done to prevent further deterioration of her health. The windows in the apartment shut tight to keep the dust out. Soft toys were not allowed. No cold drinks, ice cream, fruits nor chocolate. Fast food was not on the eat-out menu.. Outing only if it's conducted by the kindergarten or later, the schools. Dad did not agreed to these arrangements but could do nothing. Soft spoken and easy going he kept quiet. Some nights upon returning home, he sees little 5 year old Karen in tears trying to finish pages and pages of chinese character writing, he would sit down and finish it for her. Without mum knowing of course. As mum did not have a good education, she took it upon her to see that little Karen excel in her studies. CCA? Librarian. Tuition and doing revision books filled her childhood and teenage years. Dad would quietly take her and sister out for an ice cream at the park or to the mall for a popcorn movie treat, much to mum's displeasure. From photos taken, one could see, who Karen loved more.

Mum's effort paid off. She was accepted into NTU and at the aged of 21 graduated with a degree in Accountancy. That same year, she got married and together with her husband and his family migrated to New Zealand.

Dad heartbroken to see his little Karen leave. Seems like only yesterday that she was a helpless babe in his arms. I believed at the bottom of his heart, he would have wished Karen all the happiness and a lifetime of adventure and living in her new life.

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doc said...

letting go - that must be one of the deepest pain a parent can feel.