Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Brown rice I simply love
Rolled oats I can't get enough
kabocha tempura just melts in the mouth
Bitter gourd stew I so love that dish
Sushi and sashimi I cannot resist
Diligently a spoon full of honey in my tea
Drizzling olive oil whenever the pan is heated.
But, wait.
It was not too long ago, I could not swallow any of the above
What has become of me?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Listening story

While going through the library catalogue last week, I chance upon audio cd on "Sons of Fortune" by Jeffrey Archer, available for loan. Without hesitation, I made a reservation. Notification arrived, I picked them up this afternoon. In perfect mint conditon. All 12 cds. A first for me. Listening to a novel instead of reading. Had a quick listen. Still prefer to devour page by page, feasting each word with the eyes.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

For the senses

Had a sudden craving for something spicy, sour and fiery! Tom yum soup. Surfed the web and found. Diligently wrote down. A pot of nutritious stock. Sour lime excite the salivary glands. Subtle fragrant of the kaffir leaves and coriander sents the palate wild with anticipation. Tangy lemongrass, red tomatoes and exotic blue ginger add zest, piquancy of Tom yum.. A packet of spicy tom yum paste and chilli padi raises the body temperature. Fish sauce to blend all the sweet sour and spice together. Lastly fresh fish slice, prawns, squids and mushroom to makes this a fest for the senses.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

So early

When in the middle of the night the child under 4 develops a high fever or incessant coughing, any considerate mum would spent the night sponging the fever, worrying. A dose of paracetamol. Patiently wait till day break before, frantically calling the clinic for the earliest appointment. The good nurse would oblige. On arrival, there would be others waiting. At 10.30 a.m wiht baby in arm pacing around, the pediatrician has yet to arrive. The nurse, apologised. She has called. He is on the way. Probably making his round in the wards.
Many years later, I realised. Day does begin as early at 6.30am. A quick cuppa and then a game of tennis . A shower and breakfast with other fellow doctors. Finally it's off to the clinic. *sigh*


Amazing how these tiny tablet could give so much relief. Relieved from the constant sneezing, the congested nose and the sleepless nights. Dead against pill popping has led to months of discomfort and a very sensitive nose. Waking up in the middle of the night sneezing and a stuffed nose, breathing through the mouth, ended with me down stairs reading at 3a.m
Have been ordered to take one every night for the next 10 days.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wait not

Last week, I had a mammogram done. A first for me. I am 2 years behind schedule. Pleading Ignorant is bliss. "It won't happen to me" thoughts calm the nerves and an excuse to put it off for another month or another year. However, only early detection can this one life be saved from the spread of this marauding savage cells.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

9 lives

If I were a cat with 9 lives, I would not have many left. Flipping through the pages of memories to realised how blessed I am to have someone up there watching over me.
At 8, the scene etched in my mind. Alone, inching my way across the busy after work traffic along the Ayer Itam Road in front of Chung Ling high. Standing at the painted road divider I saw an on coming car overtaking. I could neither move forward nor back, I shut my eyes, clenched my fist really tight waited.
At 17, went with my girlfriend Pat and her new found guy friend to a barberque. Shocked! Venue: by a stream somewhere in the Telok Bahang forest reserve. Time: 8pm. Company: 6 to 8 other strangers.
At 18, promised mum, I would be home by 9pm on a class outing on a bungalow stay up on Penang hill. Running late, my classmate from SXI on the motorcycle, sped all the way from Ayer Itam to Gelugor in DEC!
At 21, Desperate. Rented a room in a house siuated in a menacing neighbourhood at the end of a dirt track somewhere in Genting Klang, KL
At 23, on a camping trip to the Pahang National Park, our group of 5 girls and 5 guys chose to set up tent barely metres from a river as the designated camp site was occupied by a group of rowdy boys.
At 38, barely 4 hours after checking into the service apartment in Gold coast, the fire alarm sounded. Fire engines surrounded the apartment below. Grabbed my bag containing the passports, bundle the whole family into the lift. Despite knowing very well the warning: Never take the lift in case of fire. But we were on the 17th floor!!! Only to find out later that, the engine room of that very lift was on fire!
At 42, thanks to an observant eye and the strong advise from my doc friend, I was taken off the bactrim antibiotic that left scar due to fixed drug eruption though the gyne that presribed it, was vehement that rashes should cover the whole body not just a fixed spot.
When reading the papers, I cannot help but reflect on the danger that I had put myself in time and time again.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Jeffrey Archer

Have been burying my nose in my Current read.
Need a chill out and be distracted from present
situation. What better distraction than to read

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not a sound

Hush no sound for there's only silence
Cry not for then the worms will infest
gnawing the sweet delicious juicy apple
Stoically walk on to salvage that pride

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Something Old

Things of old brings comfort and snugness.
A well worn shirt airy and loose
While that slip elastic band shorts gives you no reason to diet
So well washed, it's the scent of clean worn garment
Dusty with age pair of shoes that has walked a hundred miles,
mold into the feet, slipping in and out at a tug of the feet
My son just cannot part with his faded, loose and distorted pyjamas

Thursday, October 11, 2007


On a wet, rainy day, with an umbrella, I stood at the pedestrian crossing waiting. Around me, students with their colourful umbrellas and a caucasian lady. After much thought I moved forward, offering to share my umbrella with her. What she retorted next, startled me. " It's only rain. I like walking in the rain." I was stumped. The lights turned, she breezed ahead leaving me feeling silly. Now, if a compliment should be accepted graciously why can't an offer be taken gratefully?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Mother's son

Every so often, as the car comes to a halt at the traffic junction,a truck load of foreigner workers stops beside. These mother's precious sons, toil in under the blazing sun, working with toxic chemicals at contruction sites or at shipyards. Many coming from some of the world's most populace countries. India and China. Ironically these are the two countries, where the male offspring is the most sought after. Where female fetus are aborted or killed upon birth. Often wondered what these men's childhood had been like. Did they, like our boys here at 7, put on a neat set of uniform, spotless pair of shoes, a bag on the shoulder proudly being led to school by their parents? To seek an education. A means to crawl out of the poverty circle. What were their ambitions? When did their innocence childhood shatter? When they had to go hungry? When were they forced to leave their mother's ambit? When the grumbling tummy became unbearable?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Night life

Owls, birds of prey that hunts in the dark. Spent the day sleeping for when it's dark, that when the hunt begins. Silent and swift, from above comes the claws in one quick snatch, the scurry little rodent's life is snuffed.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Charming coral

My daughter,charming coral born in the year of the oxen. Never wanted the pacifer since day one though papa tried very hard to tempt her. Partially breastfed for the 1st year of her life. Especially during the night feed. Too tired. A stroller baby as brother and sister would stroll her around the house when my hands were full. Spent most of the time in the kitchen playing with all the spice bottles, pot and pans with the kitchen cabinet wide open till the bottle of sugar spilt.
Spend her toddler evening sitting on the high chair at the study table together with the other two older siblings. Mum had to supervise. Slowly makes her way up stairs when mum's voice starts to raise. Cue to go to bed before mum gives her the glare. Her most unusual habit, keeping anything interesting under her pillow. Sister's hair pin, coins, small toys, brother's story book, stickers and such.
At five, screaming and crying, as she dash out of the ballet studio on the first day of lesson. Cried even louder when the wicked mum held her firmly, took her back to class. Yes, one dad commented that I should not have done that. Today she looks forward to her ballet lessons every week. Eagerly awaiting her second concert performance comes december 19th at the Victoria concert hall.
Reading at 4. She woud pick a picture book, looks at the illustration and give her account. Flipping the page once awhile. Just trying to be like the rest of us, who happens to be ardent readers. Baby see baby do.
An indispensible helper in the kitchen. Enjoy cutting french beans. long beans and celery. Doesn't matter how it looks as long as it's edible really, with a butter knife. Spent bubbly hours in the bathroom scrubbing her school shoes with the kitchen washing up liquid. Gentle on the hands. Always remembers to surprise brother, sister, mum and dad with a birthday present. A bar of chocolate at the very least when her little piggy bank is nearing E.
She is a gem to us.
Today she is 10

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

M for Maleable

When Joyce, a SAHM gave up her 5th maid for faking a suicide in a bid to be sent home, She made up her mind. She would not be render a helpless wreck without maid. The family will just have to adjust. The morning gallon fruit juice would be ceased to be on the breakfast table. An hourly maid comes in twice a week to give the home a mop out. The car gets a wash once a week ,at her convenience, at the petrol kiosk while the hard to iron clothes gets a make over, at the laundry service, when she does her groceries. Meals? Tiffin meals on weekdays and eating out on weekends. She prepares a dish or two when she's in the mood.

That was 3 months ago. She confided in me, while having tea,the other day, that she is a much happier and relax person. She now has a peace of mind and more freedom. An active daily routine has made her more alive and cheery too. Though there were grumbles and complaints but the children has managed it well. To be independant of a maid.
A blessing in disguise.

Monday, October 01, 2007

To love

On this day we remember the children. Children, our genetic linkage to the future. In every generation there are children forgotten, abandon or deprived. Deprived of care, love and guidance. Most painful are the ones, sold as child labours or left to fend for themselves in the streets. Children not only brings joy but strengthen the family bonding. Children rejuvenate the child in us. Gives us a reason to visit the zoo, ride on the swing and play hide and seek.
Only when we are committed to take responsibility, nurture and love the child, are we ready to receive god's creation into this big blue marble.