Monday, October 08, 2007

Mother's son

Every so often, as the car comes to a halt at the traffic junction,a truck load of foreigner workers stops beside. These mother's precious sons, toil in under the blazing sun, working with toxic chemicals at contruction sites or at shipyards. Many coming from some of the world's most populace countries. India and China. Ironically these are the two countries, where the male offspring is the most sought after. Where female fetus are aborted or killed upon birth. Often wondered what these men's childhood had been like. Did they, like our boys here at 7, put on a neat set of uniform, spotless pair of shoes, a bag on the shoulder proudly being led to school by their parents? To seek an education. A means to crawl out of the poverty circle. What were their ambitions? When did their innocence childhood shatter? When they had to go hungry? When were they forced to leave their mother's ambit? When the grumbling tummy became unbearable?


stay-at-home mum said...

Most come in search of a better life for their folks back home. And, they are my son's favourite people. He always waves to them when we stop beside them on the road.

Firehorse said...

This post really brought tears to my eyes as it reminds me of a young friend of mine who left his home to seek a better life, toiling everyday, never knowing when his nexr meal is gonna be.

doc said...

the questions are all pertinent & incisive. i have not thought of their backgrounds or circumstances in the way you have described.

you could be an investigative jounalist. or talk-show host.


PS. belated birthday greetings to the charming one.

Iml said...

They must miss they young ones back home.

Life is indeed tough for some

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