Friday, October 19, 2007

Jeffrey Archer

Have been burying my nose in my Current read.
Need a chill out and be distracted from present
situation. What better distraction than to read


FireHorse said...

What's the story about? I shud check it out.

doc said...

ah, another archer fan - glad to meet your acquaintance.

i just got the paperback version of cat o'nine lives (20% off at popular) but this weekend is just too packed to read it.

Iml said...

start with his short stories. They leave wanting for more.
Anyone who reads Jeffrey's book is a friend of mine. He is simply superb in building up crescendo plot till the final pages.
BTW you might want to check this out

doc said...

thks for the tip.

i just sent him a comment & i took the liberty to mention you as well.

all for one & one for all!!

Iml said...

Thanks! it'll be an exhilaration to know that he read your comments.