Thursday, October 25, 2007

So early

When in the middle of the night the child under 4 develops a high fever or incessant coughing, any considerate mum would spent the night sponging the fever, worrying. A dose of paracetamol. Patiently wait till day break before, frantically calling the clinic for the earliest appointment. The good nurse would oblige. On arrival, there would be others waiting. At 10.30 a.m wiht baby in arm pacing around, the pediatrician has yet to arrive. The nurse, apologised. She has called. He is on the way. Probably making his round in the wards.
Many years later, I realised. Day does begin as early at 6.30am. A quick cuppa and then a game of tennis . A shower and breakfast with other fellow doctors. Finally it's off to the clinic. *sigh*


stay-at-home mum said...

Yes, we used to spend hours just waiting at the paediatrician's. Now with a new paedi, I am there by 8.45 to be his first patient should that need arise! Also, with the 3rd child, I tend to self medicate more. Not as "kan cheong" anymore.

just me said...

I always aim to be the first...

in line

to get a car park

to get the freshest fruits(?)

to get the best seat

Iml said...

Same here. Before the door opens, I am there waiting. Hoping for once he is early. Like you, with the 3rd child, I am not that frazzle.

Just Me:
Hi! I want to too but it's sure hard work and determination.

doc said...

if you can't wait till morning, try the emergency dept at govt/private hospitals.

there's always a medical officer on duty & if it's a difficult case, the paeds on-call will be paged.