Wednesday, October 03, 2007

M for Maleable

When Joyce, a SAHM gave up her 5th maid for faking a suicide in a bid to be sent home, She made up her mind. She would not be render a helpless wreck without maid. The family will just have to adjust. The morning gallon fruit juice would be ceased to be on the breakfast table. An hourly maid comes in twice a week to give the home a mop out. The car gets a wash once a week ,at her convenience, at the petrol kiosk while the hard to iron clothes gets a make over, at the laundry service, when she does her groceries. Meals? Tiffin meals on weekdays and eating out on weekends. She prepares a dish or two when she's in the mood.

That was 3 months ago. She confided in me, while having tea,the other day, that she is a much happier and relax person. She now has a peace of mind and more freedom. An active daily routine has made her more alive and cheery too. Though there were grumbles and complaints but the children has managed it well. To be independant of a maid.
A blessing in disguise.

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