Friday, August 29, 2008

Good Singlish

Means proper grammatically correct English sentences With a singapore twang for that singapore touch. That makes english different from a malay, an Indian, HongKonger or a Japanese speaker. Eldest actually enjoys listening to how indian speaks english with a delightful indian twang. I find it challenging listening English spoken by native japanese. A HongKonger has such a heavy cantonese twang when speaking english that it sometimes sounds like it's english cantonese. If you know what I mean. That is how we localise english to make it our own NOT speaking translated chinese in English.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Sight

Discussion on CNA last night, why are Sporean women not getting married. 5 women of different marital status. 3 single, a married no child and a divorcee with children. Most singles find hard to take time and find a place to mingle with the correct crowd. Meaning with singles and available. Eldest concluded that the most ideal time to meet and mingle must be during the uni years. It would be interesting to know how the many many married couples out there met.
Met MDH at a family dinner with my dad's business friend. He, just returned from UK and I just arrived to attend uni. He was commuting between Spore and KL due to work commitment, his mum, out of courtesy, suggested he takes me around when he comes back for the weekends. Did not see him again untill 2 months later for a first date. 25 years later, we are proud parents of two daughters and a son.

How did you meet your spouse?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mum's not cooking

No doubt when women cook, they cook up a storm. Check around the blogsite and mouth watering posting of delectable pictures simply salivates the mouth. However, exactly how many women actually rush home after work and prepare a home cook meal? This was the topic discussed over the air on a malaysian radio this morning. About 2 in 10 would. The rest due to long working hours, simply eat out or pack home. After a long day slogging, to rush back don the apron and whip up 2 or 3 dishes. And to have the dish filled-sink waiting is very daunting.
In keeping with times, one of the home science subject should be, Cooking simple one pot dishes and storage. A one pot nutritious dish prepared during the weekend and packed into the fridge to be reheated and consumed during the week is definately healthier than chicken rice 4 times a week. The rat race, no doubt has made us materially richer but are we physically, mentally healthier?

Monday, August 25, 2008


6 months before getting married in 2002 they bought an apartment around River Valley vicinity for S$800,000. A cozy home a stone throw from parents and work place. 4 years later, lo and behold, a cool SS$3.2M for the apartment as it sucessfully got enbloc. Now, it's one row of houses from mum and dad, as they just closed a S$2.3M deal for a terrace house along Bukit Timah Road next to the Spore Chinese Girl School. Just the school for their two girls. Money makes money and sometimes without even trying too hard.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The reason

Most touched by the letter written to forum in the Strait times, on the 22nd Aug:
" I am a Singaporean studying at the Monash University in Melbourne. By no means am I from an affluent background. The only reason I can pay my school fees, and have food and accommodation is because of my parents.
My mother had the luxury(if I may put it) to be a stay-home mum when I was born. But, out of necessity, she had to join my father and become part of the workforce after my brother was born three years later.
I think my mother would have loved to stay home and watch both of us grow up, witness our developmental milestones and participate fully in our growing up years.
My youngest sister, nine years younger than me, saw even less of mummy because mummy had to work.
The idea of my mother having to work did not sit well with me. Even now, I recall throwing tantrums in the morning and standing tearfully at the gate, watching her leave for work with dad.
My grandmother had to parctically pry me away from mum whose business shirt I creased and streaked with my tears.
With all the Online Forum letters taht I have been reading, I want my mother to know that I love her, even though she had no government-sanctioned maternity leave, no baby bonus and no incentive to have me. She had all my attention as she prepared my lunchbox in her office attire, all my admiration when she sat through the night with me, despite a long day at work, while I did my prmary school problem sums; and all of my love when she picked me up from school rehearsals with a bun in her hand, just in case I was hungry.
I am all I am because of my mother. And now, it really doesn't matter if you were a stay- home mum or a working mum, you were and always will be, the best mum." Yick Wan Jie(Miss)

The reason for having a child must be one of love and fulfilment not of incentives.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Gentle Reminder

Another reason why I love the library. Recently, the National Library has gone one step further to enhance Library experience. Sms and email reminders on due dates of borrowed books. Emails are sent to borrowers 3 days before due and then daily till the borrowed item is returned. It's the school holiday periods with double the quantity of books allowed, sometimes a book is inadvertently leftout when returning. I have seen mothers pushing books filled trolley during the school holidays. A family of 4 with each borrowing 8, it's alot of reading.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mess and Us

Once again the gracious side of the majority is being questioned in the National Day Rally Speech. Clearing the table after a meal. And what is so wrong? It's personal responsibility to leave the place in the condition it was found if not cleaner. It shows the gracious, upbringing and character of the person. No mother's child is born to clean after others. We are responsible for our mess. Being affluent does not mean leaving others to clean up.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Ginger ale,ginger tea, ginger bread, crystallised ginger, ginger sauce, ginger wine and pickle ginger. But ginger marmalade?? Dad spotted this on the shelves at the Bishan NTUC. Bought a bottle and's an acquired taste. Butter and ginger jam with coffee is quite unusual. Dad's acquisition was not without reason. He had earlier visited the orthopedic surgeon and was told that ginger extract is known to decrease inflammation.
For me it's, Pickle ginger and stir fried ginger with slice fish/meat anytime. Must remember to add more slice ginger in my stir fry.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Knight in Dark armour

MDH wanted to watched the much raved about movie. On sunday afternoon, $10 a ticket I accompanied him. The first movie was good. Some how this sequel, senseless, gruesome torture is not my cup of tea. To then mask the whole nonsensical plot with two ferries of human compassion to wrap up the theme of goodness versus evil. The writers have lost the art of writing a good story.

Monday, August 18, 2008


On goes on. As night falls, the sun rises for another day.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Malaysia and Singapore finally will have a slot in the Olympic medal tally! Lee Chong Wei fighting for the 1st gold for Malaysia in badminton at 6.30pm, while table tennis team Singapore batting for the 1st gold for Singapore. 17th August. PM Lee will have only 75min to hold the audience's attention, in his annual National Day Rally speech, before the table tennis women is due to start at 7.30pm. What a busy evening it's going to be tomorrow. Switching between channels.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little India

A guided trip to Little India with the Primary 5 students as part of the heritage tour. A walk into the sacred Temple. A stroll along the flower garland stall and into the little alleys selling sweetmeats and henna.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My utter horror when I saw this statement of account. Forgotten clean about this saving account until this arrived. A statement of account is sent when the passbook is not updated for more than 40 transactions. Had thought this account was closed. Unable to contain my discontendment I wrote an email on my dissapointment. To have so much deducted without my knowledge when I could have done something. A gentle reminder to maintain the account would have been more constructive and appreciated. I had my account closed the very next day.
Two days later, a reply came. They read and understood my woe. After reviewing my account, out of goodwill, all my services charges of $68.00 were waivered. Pleasantly surprised, that the bank actually took time to consider and showed the magnanimous side.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


While waiting to be served, this elderly lady beside me, commented " They make the best chocolate cake. When my son was born in 1965 I ordered their cake for the fullmoon celebration. Specially ordered the cake from here for his wedding too. Today, I am ordering the cakes for the Nurses' Day celebration Lunch. (In whisper) Have to admit, the price is also reasonable". She ordered 2 chocolate cake and a blueberry cake. It's very rare to find family run business still going strong after all these years, in the same premise with minimal marketing and make-over. On Friday afternoon 1.30pm, within the 20min waiting, I noted, 18 cakes sold. At $30 for a 1kg. I bought one to try and one for a friend. As we were making payment, the aroma of the just-out of the oven banana cake wafted by. We, the elderly lady and I ended buying a banana cake each. A piece of old fashion not too creamy chocolate cake. Lana cake at Greenwood.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sense and sensivity

MDD related this to me, on the girls reaction during annual class photo sessions.
In primary school, photographer's instruction," Kindly stand from the shortest to the tallest" Gleefully, each hoping for a seat in front.
In secondary school, photographer's instruction, " Kindly stand according to your height" Most would mingle around the middle row.
In Junior College, photographer's instruction, "Kindly stand from tall to tallest" The young ladies happilly comply
The many ways of getting the message across with tact.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Round and round

He simply loves books. Not to read but to have. Giving an excuse that he will read one day. He browse and buy on whims and fancies. Besides, he spent most of his lunch time at Kinokuniya bookstore. . Wife is exasperated. The bookshelves are busting. Something has to go. Quietly while he is at work, she packs off books for any church charity sales. Gives it away to visiting friends and relatives who take interest in any books. While he comes home now and then, with new books. Quietly slot them into any available space on the bookshelves.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Second career

A second chance for many who have chosen family first. Giving up the earning power and self actualisation. When my mum when back to work for the 1st time after a hiatus of 30 years, she actually looked younger and feel younger. Her social circle widen and so has the perspective of life. Living longer, healthier and happier, it's all in active and driving force of the mind. Making some changes as I head towards this phase in life.