Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mum's not cooking

No doubt when women cook, they cook up a storm. Check around the blogsite and mouth watering posting of delectable pictures simply salivates the mouth. However, exactly how many women actually rush home after work and prepare a home cook meal? This was the topic discussed over the air on a malaysian radio this morning. About 2 in 10 would. The rest due to long working hours, simply eat out or pack home. After a long day slogging, to rush back don the apron and whip up 2 or 3 dishes. And to have the dish filled-sink waiting is very daunting.
In keeping with times, one of the home science subject should be, Cooking simple one pot dishes and storage. A one pot nutritious dish prepared during the weekend and packed into the fridge to be reheated and consumed during the week is definately healthier than chicken rice 4 times a week. The rat race, no doubt has made us materially richer but are we physically, mentally healthier?


Las montañas said...

There is a simpler way: Drop everything into boiling water. Add some oil, soy sauce for taste. Thats it!

stay-at-home mum said...

We eat out only for lunch over the weekends. And already sometimes I am "sian" with eating out. I really dont know how some can tahan eating out all the time. For me, there is nothing like some home cooked healthy comfort food - even if it is something simple!

iml said...

You mean instant noodle? Just remember to add some veggy and slices of char siew and a generous squeeze of lime to complete the meal.

Us the same. Dinner out on Saturday is a challenge. Be out early for a parking spot and a table And before that, we have to play a game of where to eat.

Las montañas said...

not instant noodles! but plain boiled veggies, meat. ;)