Thursday, August 07, 2008


While waiting to be served, this elderly lady beside me, commented " They make the best chocolate cake. When my son was born in 1965 I ordered their cake for the fullmoon celebration. Specially ordered the cake from here for his wedding too. Today, I am ordering the cakes for the Nurses' Day celebration Lunch. (In whisper) Have to admit, the price is also reasonable". She ordered 2 chocolate cake and a blueberry cake. It's very rare to find family run business still going strong after all these years, in the same premise with minimal marketing and make-over. On Friday afternoon 1.30pm, within the 20min waiting, I noted, 18 cakes sold. At $30 for a 1kg. I bought one to try and one for a friend. As we were making payment, the aroma of the just-out of the oven banana cake wafted by. We, the elderly lady and I ended buying a banana cake each. A piece of old fashion not too creamy chocolate cake. Lana cake at Greenwood.


stay-at-home mum said...

My favourite too!! I remember for my 16th birthday, I had a cake from Lana too!

seefei said...

glad lana survives thats long. nowadays, cake shops are so showy, most capital go to id and marketing.

Iml said...

A chocolate cake from Lana on your daughter's 16th birthday?

Yes, we are paying for the deco and branding.