Wednesday, August 13, 2008


My utter horror when I saw this statement of account. Forgotten clean about this saving account until this arrived. A statement of account is sent when the passbook is not updated for more than 40 transactions. Had thought this account was closed. Unable to contain my discontendment I wrote an email on my dissapointment. To have so much deducted without my knowledge when I could have done something. A gentle reminder to maintain the account would have been more constructive and appreciated. I had my account closed the very next day.
Two days later, a reply came. They read and understood my woe. After reviewing my account, out of goodwill, all my services charges of $68.00 were waivered. Pleasantly surprised, that the bank actually took time to consider and showed the magnanimous side.

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seefei said...

the bank probably follows your blog muahahah....

blog power!!